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    “T. P. Bon” Finale Summary & Ending Explained

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    Right after Bon discovers the existence of time travel, he faces a sudden danger. Ream wants to erase him to protect the future, but Bon argues his life matters.

    The Time Patrol then realizes Bon’s importance and recruits him as an agent.

    T. P. Bon, based on Fujiko Fujio’s manga series, introduces us to Bon Namihira.

    He stumbles upon the Time Patrol, an agency that saves people throughout history. Their methods are vague; they follow orders from headquarters.

    Rules are strict, but agents can improvise during missions. It’s refreshing to see a show that’s not overly detailed.

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    As the story begins, Bon joins Ream and Buyoyon on missions.

    Each episode brings new adventures. But what awaits Bon in the end? Let’s reveal it together.

    T. P. Bon
    Image Credits: Netflix

    Hana Yamada is the central character in T.P. Bon. On his first mission, Bon heads back to 1947 Tokyo, aiming to rescue Hana from Typhoon Kathleen.

    But here’s the twist: Hana won’t budge from her home until her son, Taro, returns from the war.

    Now, according to Time Patrol rules, they can’t just swoop in and physically save someone. They’ve got to make it seem natural.

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    Luckily, these Time Patrol folks come prepared. They’ve got gadgets that freeze time, reverse it, jump forward, wipe memories of encounters, and even play with gravity.

    Also, they’ve got this nifty Time Boat that can zip them through time and space, grab loads of data, and more.

    They use cool stuff to find Taro sleeping in a truck, and they take him to his mom. Boom! Hana dodges the flood and reunites with her son.

    T. P. Bon
    Image Credits: Netflix

    In ancient Egypt, way back in 2592 B.C., Bon, Ream, and Buyoyon head out on their second mission. They’re off to save Thoth from getting trapped inside a pyramid forever.

    They employ a holographic image of the Egyptian goddess Hathor to thwart Thoth and Sneferu’s plans to reach Tawi, which is said to be the original name of Egypt.

    Even after their efforts, Sneferu proceeds to build King Djoser’s tomb, urged by Imhotep, who warns of grave robbers.

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    Sneferu dedicates himself to the tomb’s security, while Thoth marries and finishes his father’s task.

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    To safeguard the pyramid’s secret, Thoth is buried beside Djoser. Bon and Ream advance in time, isolating the pyramid to rescue Thoth when it falls prey to grave robbers.

    Subsequently, they return Thoth to his era, reuniting him with his kin.

    Amidst their mission, they also apprehend a temporal robber, delivering them to the Time Patrol Criminal Investigation Unit.

    In the rush of their new mission, Bon and Ream hurry back to 800 B.C. to save Toge, a man stranded in the wide ocean.

    He’s destined for Japan, crucial for the nation’s growth. Using his gizmos, Bon nudges Toge in the right path, even sending stuff from HQ.

    T. P. Bon
    Image Credits: Netflix

    Just when it seems hopeless, Bon literally drags Toge to Japan. Toge’s poor hunting nearly kills him. Luckily, he connects with the settled villagers, saving himself.

    Also, Bon’s bite turns common akebia into a rare fruit. And by accident, he saves a future doctor by kicking a stone at a passerby. Yeah, it’s like the butterfly effect in the show.

    In A.D. 628, there’s this kid named Chamuku, who’s supposed to face an avalanche. Chamuku, against his father’s wishes, sets out to explore the world with a monk named Xuanzang Sanzang.

    Bon believes that if they stop Sanzang from going through the mountains, Chamuku won’t face the avalanche.

    They try to convince Sanzang to cancel his trip, but their efforts are erased by Bon’s Forgetter.

    Despite this, Bon and Ream manage to save Chamuku and Sanzang from the avalanche using their gadgets. This incident later becomes the basis of the story of Journey to the West.

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    Bon and Ream travel to 1500 B.C. to save Menesthes and Creusa from being sacrificed to a minotaur. They try to persuade Minos to spare them using a hologram of a goddess, but when that fails, they swap places with the couple to help them escape.

    However, they end up facing the minotaur themselves and are killed. Miraculously, their malfunctioning Time Boat reverses time, allowing them to escape unharmed.

    Bon’s assignment leads him to interview Ms. Akiko Shikishima, but Ream interrupts to whisk him away to Okinawa in 1945 to save Ensign Sakuragi.

    In a tough situation, they had to decide whether to save just Sakuragi while many kamikaze pilots died.

    T. P. Bon
    Image Credits: Netflix

    However, they manage to link Sakuragi’s consciousness with Akiko’s, calming him down and leading to his peaceful surrender to the American army, allowing him to reunite with Akiko.

    Bon travels 350 years into the past to save Celine from being labeled as a witch. Shot with arrows by a poacher, Bon and Ream are cared for by Celine, who uses her grandfather’s medicinal methods to help them.

    The poacher, jealous of Jean’s love for Celine, spreads rumors about her being a witch.

    Bon and Ream use their gadgets to project a nightmare into Jean’s mind, prompting him to rush back and marry Celine, altering the course of her life.

    Ream decides to show Bon the Late Jurassic period, where they stumble upon a mission to rescue the Juramaia, a creature vital to human evolution.

    A time poacher threatens its existence, but thanks to Buyoyon’s help, they thwart the poacher and save the Juramaia with a healing potion, securing humanity’s future.

    In a daring adventure before the famous O.K. Corral showdown, Bon, Ream, and Buyoyon head to 19th-century Tombstone, USA, to save James Wright.

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    Using a camouflage machine, they blend in with the Wild West crowd, but Bon’s transformed appearance as Wright attracts danger.

    Ream intervenes to save him during a gunfight, preventing a grim fate. Together, they deliver the criminals to the real Wright, steering him away from a path of vengeance.

    This T.P. Bon episode is super intense and super tiring. First off, Bon, Ream, and Buyoyon go way back to 490 B.C. in Marathon, Greece.

    They land smack in the middle of a big battle between the Greeks and the Persians. Their mission? Save this dude named Pheidippides from kicking the bucket because he’s all worn out. Why? So he can deliver a super important message to the Greeks.

    Here’s the twist: they gotta make sure Pheidippides doesn’t make it too far. If he does, it messes up the whole space-time thing.

    So, they save some soldiers from both sides, which is pretty wild. Then, they gotta make sure Pheidippides bites the dust right after he delivers the message.

    But guess what? He can’t finish the job. So Bon steps in takes on this dude’s identity, and hauls it to Athens to warn them about the Persians.

    And boom! The Greeks are ready to fight back, thanks to Bon’s hustle. And hey, because of all this drama, Bon becomes a legend.

    They even started up something called the Olympics because of him. Crazy, right?

    The Ending

    In the final episode of T. P. Bon, Bon, and Ream embark on an unusual journey into the future to rescue a Time Tripper named Ambrose Bierce.

    Unexpectedly, they find themselves trapped in a time loop in a desolate Earth. Just when all seems lost, they encounter Ambrose, who finds solace in the unique experiences offered by this strange future.

    Fortunately, their plight comes to an end when another Time Patroller arrives, revealing humanity’s relocation to other planets.

    Despite this, Time Trippers keep appearing on the barren Earth, necessitating the Time Patrol’s vigilance.

    Following Ambrose’s wish, he is taken to the new human settlement, while Bon is returned to his original timeline.

    Ream announces her departure from the Rescue Unit, opting for the Anomaly Handling Unit. She entrusts Bon with the responsibility of becoming a Time Patrol agent, signaling a sudden end to their journey together.

    Ream’s decision stems from her realization that she can contribute more beyond Earth’s history.

    This departure challenges Bon to become self-reliant and capable of mentoring future Time Patrollers, fostering growth and independence.

    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

    Did Bon Become A Time Patrol Agent?

    Yes, Bon became a Time Patrol agent in the final episode of T. P. Bon after proving his importance to the Time Patrol.

    What is T. P. Bon about?

    T. P. Bon is based on Fujiko Fujio’s manga series and follows the adventures of Bon Namihira and his colleagues in the Time Patrol, an agency that saves people throughout history.

    What Gadgets Do the Time Patrol Agents Use?

    The Time Patrol agents use gadgets that freeze time, reverse it, jump forward, wipe memories, play with gravity, and even have a Time Boat that can travel through time and space.

    Who is the Central Character in T. P. Bon?

    Hana Yamada is the central character in T. P. Bon, and Bon’s first mission involves rescuing her from Typhoon Kathleen in 1947 Tokyo.

    How Do Bon And His Team Rescue People?

    Bon and his team use a combination of gadgets, disguises, and strategic interventions to rescue people without disrupting the flow of history.

    What Challenges Do Bon And His Team Face?

    Bon and his team face various challenges, including convincing historical figures to change their actions, thwarting temporal criminals, and navigating through dangerous situations in different periods.

    What Happens in the Final Episode of T. P. Bon?

    In the final episode, Bon and Ream embark on a mission to rescue a Time Tripper named Ambrose Bierce in the future. They find themselves trapped in a time loop but are eventually rescued by another Time Patroller. Ream decides to leave the Rescue Unit, and Bon becomes a Time Patrol agent, marking the end of their journey together.

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