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    “Red” Netflix Film Summary & Ending Explained 2024

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    In 2024, Netflix brings you “Red,” an attractive thriller from the Philippines, directed by the renowned Brillante Mendoza.

    This latest movie explores the dark side with its intense scenes, matching the somber setting of the Pola district.

    Rain pours relentlessly, adding to the bleak atmosphere. The story revolves around the tragic death of a young girl, causing a stir in the community.

    Some might think “Red” is long or predictable, but its special South Asian vibe attracts genre fans.

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    What is this Movie All About?

    On a gloomy day in the Pola district of the Philippines, amidst heavy clouds, the tale of “Red” begins.

    Jeff, a young villager, assists the elderly shaman Ineng along a muddy path toward a house where strange occurrences are afoot.

    Ineng, known for her ability to ward off evil spirits, is sought after by locals in distress.

    Today, she helps Rosal, who appears to be under a dark influence. With Ineng’s help, the chaos calms, and Rosal quickly marries her love, Lando.

    Yet, unease lingers in the air, palpable to the shaman. Something foreboding looms, hinted at by an eerie phenomenon: the local lake’s water runs red like blood, a sign of impending danger.

    In the small village where Daniel Faraon serves as a sergeant in the district police department, he’s well-respected by everyone.

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    Riding his motorcycle to work daily, he helps anyone he meets along the way. His wife Magda, a teacher at their son’s school, is his long-time sweetheart, and they have two young sons.

    Every morning, Daniel drops them off at school before heading to the police station. Excitement fills Daniel as he learns Magda is pregnant again, hoping for a third son.

    But one afternoon, dark clouds gather over the village, casting an eerie shadow like an eclipse. Though no disaster strikes, heavy rain falls daily.

    The village’s calm shatters with the discovery of a local girl’s dead body, turning lives, including Daniel’s, upside down.

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    Patricia’s Trouble

    The story starts by following Patricia, a girl around 15, and her boyfriend Jeff. They don’t know much about the world yet and are totally into each other.

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    Since they’re young and live in a conservative place with strong Christian beliefs, they don’t have many options for privacy.

    So, they find little huts or sheds in fields and backyards to be alone together. They try to hide what they’re doing, but sometimes people see them.

    The story talks about a young couple who get intimate. It doesn’t say how old they are, but the legal age for that in the Philippines is 16.

    Even though it might not be a crime, some people would disapprove because of their religion or morals.

    In the story, someone sees them kissing and hides like they saw something very wrong. A police officer also sees the girl and seems to know what happened.

    In this village, religion is very important and people believe sex before marriage is wrong. Patricia does this, and some villagers know, but nobody cares much until a bad guy named Daniel comes along.

    At first, we think Daniel is the good guy, but he’s a terrible criminal. He sees Patricia with another man and thinks she’s bad because of it. He doesn’t respect her at all and does something awful to her.

    Patricia, tired of the rules and judgments around her, chose to run away with Jeff, her lover. She hid her bag near the chapel where her family attended mass, planning to meet Jeff later.

    On her way, she encountered Daniel, who offered her a ride despite her lying about going to the chapel.

    However, his true intentions became clear when he took her to a secluded spot by the river, where he assaulted and ultimately killed her. Daniel then buried her body and left as if nothing had occurred.

    Daniel’s actions, apart from his twisted sense of right and wrong, may stem from his relationship with his wife, Magda.

    Before the incident, Magda had been rejecting his advances, citing her pregnancy as the reason for her reluctance.

    Daniel accepted this explanation, unaware that Magda was actually having an affair with the police chief, Raymond.

    Frustrated by the constraints placed upon her, Patricia decided to elope with Jeff. She stashed her belongings near the chapel and planned to rendezvous with Jeff later.

    However, her plans were interrupted when Daniel encountered her on her way, leading to a tragic and untimely end.

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    Wife’s Cheating

    In “Red,” there are lots of actions that religion says are wrong, and it seems like maybe that’s why the village is in such a mess – like a punishment from God.

    Magda, Daniel’s wife, has been having an affair with Raymond, who’s her husband’s boss. Nobody really knows why Magda and Daniel’s marriage isn’t working, and the movie doesn’t explain much about it.

    It’s like Magda’s cheating just because she feels like it – probably because she wants a better life, and Raymond seems to have more money.

    Their houses look totally different, showing how much richer Raymond is. Maybe that’s why Magda picks him and wants to stay with him.

    She’s not even sure if her baby is Daniel’s or Raymond’s, which makes her seem even more sinful.

    Daniel, at first, is completely unaware of his wife’s unfaithfulness, which makes it impossible for him to commit the crime out of grief or misplaced revenge.

    But as events begin, things take a different turn.

    During Patricia’s funeral, Magda suddenly falls sick and starts bleeding strangely, leading to her hospitalization.

    It’s here that Daniel sees his boss, Raymond, hugging Magda, but he chooses to remain silent.

    Later, while snooping around Raymond’s house, he discovers evidence of Magda’s affair, which fills him with rage.

    Although his earlier crimes had no direct connection to his wife’s infidelity, his subsequent actions certainly do.

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    The End of Daniel Faraon

    At the end of “Red,” Daniel discovers his wife’s affair and loses control. He heads home, only to be served a court summons as the prime suspect in a rape and murder case.

    With nowhere to turn, he grabs his guns and goes on a rampage in the village, targeting anyone in sight.

    The police, including Ramona and Raymond, try to stop him, but Daniel continues his violent spree. Even though Ramona fatally shoots him, he keeps going.

    Daniel then goes outside and kills Magda before making his way to Patricia’s grave.

    There, Daniel sees a vision of Patricia before he shoots himself.

    This marks the end of the violence that has gripped the village. Sadly, Daniel and Magda’s sons are left alone at home, unaware of the loneliness that awaits them.

    During the investigation into Patricia’s death, a local fisherwoman informs Sergeant Ramona about seeing Daniel burying the body.

    With this new evidence, Ramona and Raymond start investigating Daniel.

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    The Ending

    In the world of “Red,” the supernatural is a mysterious element that keeps viewers guessing. One intriguing aspect is the blurred line between what’s real and what’s otherworldly.

    Take Ineng, the local shaman, for example. Her ability to sense danger adds to the mystery.

    Then there’s Patricia, who, even after her death, seems to linger in spirit form. During a crucial moment, she’s there, unseen by many but felt by some.

    The film’s climax, where Daniel encounters Patricia’s spirit, adds to the intrigue. Is it real or just in Daniel’s mind?

    Perhaps it’s his guilt manifesting, driving him to a tragic end. Even earlier, when Ineng helps Rosal, it might just be a ruse to achieve a personal goal.

    The river turning red could be explained by Daniel’s blood, not necessarily a supernatural event.

    “Red” cleverly leaves viewers pondering, blending the supernatural with psychological elements. It’s this ambiguity that makes the movie so attractive.

    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

    What Is “Red” About?

    “Red” is a gripping thriller set in the Philippines, directed by Brillante Mendoza. It explores the aftermath of a tragic death in the Pola district, amidst a somber setting and intense scenes.

    Who Directed “Red”?

    “Red” is directed by the renowned Brillante Mendoza.

    What Is the Setting of “Red”?

    The movie is set in the Pola district of the Philippines, characterized by its bleak atmosphere and relentless rain.

    What Is the Main Plot of “Red”?

    The main plot revolves around the tragic death of a young girl in the Pola district, which stirs up the community and leads to a series of events impacting various characters.

    Is “Red” Predictable?

    Some may find “Red” predictable, but its special South Asian vibe and intense scenes attract genre fans.

    What Themes Does “Red” Explore?

    “Red” explores themes of tragedy, betrayal, and the blurred line between the supernatural and psychological realms.

    Who Are the Main Characters in “Red”?

    The main characters include Daniel Faraon, his wife Magda, Patricia, Jeff, Ineng, and other villagers affected by the tragic events unfolding in the story.

    Does “Red” Have Supernatural Elements?

    Yes, “Red” incorporates elements of the supernatural, particularly through the presence of the local shaman, Ineng, and the lingering spirit of Patricia.

    What Is the Significance of the Red Water?

    The red water in the local lake serves as an eerie omen, hinting at impending danger and adding to the mysterious atmosphere of the film.

    What Is the Ending of “Red” About?

    The ending of “Red” leaves viewers pondering the blurred line between the supernatural and psychological elements, adding to the movie’s overall intrigue and appeal.

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