Founder and CEO

    Rohit Belakud
    Rohit Belakud, a Law Student turned web development virtuoso, serves as the Founder and CEO of Prime Quill. With over 7 years in the field, he excels in web design, WordPress, SEO, and digital marketing. His multifaceted skills extend to authorship, where he covers diverse topics including technology, entertainment, and sports. Rohit's leadership blends legal insight with digital innovation, driving Prime Quill to new heights. A meticulous professional, he crafts compelling narratives that resonate globally, exemplifying the nexus of creativity and technology in the modern era.


    Ankit Belakud
    Ankit Belakud, a Business Development Engineer, excels in Web Applications, WordPress, Blogger, Web Design, and Web Services, specializing in FAANG companies. With a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering, Ankit seamlessly blends technical expertise with business acumen. His innovative solutions cater to the dynamic digital landscape, particularly within the realms of Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google. Ankit's passion for innovation and commitment to excellence define his impactful contributions to the field of Business Development.


    Hritik Jorapure
    Hritik Jorapure is a driven MBA graduate with a passion for all things business. With a keen interest in the dynamics of the corporate world, he delves into various aspects of business strategy, finance, and entrepreneurship. As an author at Prime Quill, Hritik covers the latest developments and insights in the realm of business, offering readers valuable perspectives on industry trends, market analysis, and innovative strategies. With a blend of academic knowledge and real-world experience, he brings a fresh and insightful perspective to the forefront of business journalism.