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    Intel Unveils Core Ultra Processor for Edge Systems, Desktop Users Await Arrow Lake CPUs

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    • Intel unveils Core Ultra processor designed for edge systems at Embedded World conference.
    • The processor integrates Intel Arc GPU and a neural processing unit for graphics-heavy tasks and AI applications.
    • Desktop users anticipate Arrow Lake CPUs while edge systems benefit from Core Ultra’s low power and high performance.

    Intel has just unveiled its latest innovation in processor technology at the Embedded World conference. It’s called the Core Ultra processor, and it’s designed specifically for edge systems.

    What’s exciting about this announcement is that Intel has chosen the LGA1851 socket as the home for this new processor, surprising many who expected it to house the next-gen Arrow Lake chips.

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    What Exactly Is The Core Ultra Processor All About?

    It’s part of Intel’s Meteor Lake-PS architecture, which is tailored for edge systems. These are the kinds of systems you find in places like retail stores, schools, smart cities, and industrial settings.

    One of the key features of the Core Ultra processor is its integration of the Intel Arc GPU and a neural processing unit.

    This combination is aimed at handling demanding graphics workloads and enabling generative AI, which is crucial for tasks like image classification and AI vision in various applications.

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    One standout feature of the Core Ultra processors is their incredibly low power consumption.

    Intel claims that these chips offer up to 5.02 times better image classification performance compared to their predecessors, all while keeping the Thermal Design Power (TDP) below 65W.

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    There’s even a version with a TDP as low as 15W, making it perfect for always-on usage scenarios.

    But perhaps the most interesting aspect of these processors is their innovative design. Unlike traditional setups where desktop processors are paired with discrete GPUs, the Core Ultra processors integrate GPU and AI Boost functionalities directly within the chip itself.

    This not only simplifies the overall design process but also reduces costs by eliminating the need for a separate GPU.

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    In terms of performance, the Core Ultra processors offer significant improvements over previous generations.

    With four times the number of graphics execution units (EUs) compared to their predecessors, these chips are more than capable of handling AI and graphics-heavy tasks with ease.

    Now, let’s talk about the desktop side of things. While Intel’s latest Meteor Lake chips won’t be available until the fourth quarter of 2024, desktop users might feel a bit left out for now.

    The LGA1851 socket, which is used for the Core Ultra processors, supports some impressive features like DDR5 memory clocked at 5600MHz, PCIe Gen4 SSDs, and Thunderbolt 4 devices.

    However, there’s a noticeable absence of support for Thunderbolt 5, Wi-Fi 7, and PCIe Gen5.

    Despite this, Intel assures desktop users that Arrow Lake desktop CPUs are on the horizon, with rumors suggesting a launch around the same time as the Meteor Lake chips.

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    So, while edge systems are currently taking the spotlight with the Core Ultra processors, desktop users can look forward to exciting developments shortly.

    Intel’s Core Ultra processor represents a significant step forward in processor technology, especially for edge systems.

    With its powerful performance, low power consumption, and innovative design, it’s poised to revolutionize the way we think about AI and graphics processing in various industries.

    And while desktop users may have to wait a bit longer for their version of the Core Ultra experience, the future looks bright with the promise of Arrow Lake CPUs on the horizon.

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