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    Readers Take Denver 2024: What Went Wrong? Controversy Explained

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    • Readers Take Denver 2024 faced major criticism for the organization and treatment of attendees.
    • Problems included long waits at registration, author frustrations, security breaches, and overbooking.
    • Despite issues, organizers plan to hold another convention in 2025, hoping to improve the experience.

    Last week, book lovers and authors flocked to Denver for the annual Readers Take Denver convention.

    But what was supposed to be a celebration of literature turned into a disaster, leaving many attendees frustrated and disappointed.

    The Problems

    #1 Long Waits and Chaos at Registration

    Imagine waiting in line for three hours just to get into an event. That’s what happened to many people at Readers Take Denver.

    With only four staff members handling registrations, things quickly spiraled out of control.

    To make matters worse, the convention ran out of basic supplies like lanyards, swag bags, and even water bottles.

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    It seems like they sold too many tickets, leading to overcrowding and even longer waits.

    #2 Authors’ Nightmares

    Authors who came to sign books and meet their fans had their own set of problems. Some reported that their books and belongings were stolen during the event.

    Others talked about feeling unwelcome because of rude volunteers who shouted at attendees. One author even said that her assistant was shoved by a volunteer.

    New York Times bestseller Rebecca Yarros shared her experience on Facebook, saying that she had expected around 1700 attendees but ended up facing 3000.

    The event didn’t give her enough time to meet all her fans, and some had to be chosen through a lottery system.

    #3 Security Breaches

    Security seemed to be lax at Readers Take Denver. There were reports of military men from another convention sneaking in and causing trouble.

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    Some even allegedly assaulted women during a party.

    #4 Overbooked and Underprepared

    It appears that the convention organizers invited too many authors without having enough space or resources to accommodate them all.

    Some authors had to sign books while sitting on the floor because there weren’t enough tables. This overcrowding led to chaos and frustration for both authors and attendees.

    #5 No Refunds

    Despite the problems, Readers Take Denver refused to give refunds to dissatisfied attendees. This left many feeling cheated out of their money.

    #6 Expensive Drinks

    If you want to grab a drink at one of the events, be prepared to shell out a lot of cash. Drinks were reportedly as expensive as $16 for a beer or $17 for a cocktail.

    And with only two bartenders, one of whom was still in training, getting a drink was a challenge in itself.

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    What’s Next?

    Despite the backlash, Readers Take Denver plans to have another convention in 2025.

    Let’s hope they learn from their mistakes and make the necessary changes to ensure a smoother and more enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

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