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    Explained: Deaths of Harwin Strong and His Father in House of the Dragon

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    • Harwin Strong and his father were killed to benefit Larys Strong politically and financially.
    • Larys used prisoners to set Harrenhal ablaze, taking advantage of its cursed reputation.
    • These events significantly shifted power dynamics in King’s Landing.

    House of the Dragon’s first season shocked fans by abruptly killing off Harwin Strong, a key character.

    As the show returns for its new season, understanding Harwin’s death helps make sense of the revealing drama between the Targaryen factions.

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    What Happened to Harwin Strong?

    Harwin Strong, though not frequently on screen, played a pivotal role in Season 1. He was the secret father of Rhaenyra Targaryen’s three children: Jacaerys, Lucerys, and Joffrey Velaryon.

    While this wasn’t officially confirmed, many characters, including Queen Alicent Hightower and her children, were aware of the truth.

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    The trouble began when Alicent confided in Larys Strong, Harwin’s brother, expressing her wish for her father, Otto Hightower, to be reinstated as the Hand of the King instead of Lyonel Strong, who was Harwin and Larys’ father.

    Larys took her words to heart and devised a deadly plan.

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    Larys Strong’s Deadly Plot

    Seizing the opportunity for power, Larys orchestrated the murder of his own father and brother.

    He enlisted prisoners, cut out their tongues to ensure their silence, and sent them to Harrenhal, where Harwin and Lyonel had returned.

    The prisoners set the stronghold on fire, killing both Harwin and Lyonel.

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    Larys’ motivations were twofold. By eliminating both his father and brother, he inherited their wealth and influence, becoming the new Lord of Harrenhal. Additionally, he aimed to ingratiate himself with Alicent.

    By solving her problem and revealing his actions, he hoped to gain her trust and perhaps instill a bit of fear, ensuring her cooperation in the future.

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    The Significance of Harrenhal

    Larys chose Harrenhal for the murder not just because it was the Strong family seat but also due to its cursed reputation.

    Harrenhal had a dark history; every family that occupied it had mysteriously met its end.

    This curse started with Harren Hoare, who was killed by Aegon the Conqueror and persisted through various families, including the Strongs.

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    By staging the deaths at Harrenhal, Larys made it seem like the curse had claimed another family, diverting suspicion from himself. This clever move allowed him to gain power with minimal backlash.

    Impact on King’s Landing

    The deaths of Harwin and Lyonel Strong significantly altered the politics in King’s Landing.

    Larys, now in a position of greater power, had more influence over Alicent and the court. The void left by Lyonel’s death also opened opportunities for Otto Hightower’s return, further complicating the power dynamics within the Targaryen family.

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