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    Why Ser Criston Cole Killed the Joffrey Lonmouth In House of the Dragon

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    • Ser Criston Cole kills Joffrey Lonmouth during a feast due to personal and emotional turmoil.
    • Rhaenyra’s rejection and breaking of vows deeply affect Criston.
    • Joffrey’s knowledge of the relationship pushes Criston over the edge.

    In House of the Dragon Season 1, a shocking and brutal event takes place during a feast: Ser Criston Cole kills Joffrey Lonmouth, known as the Knight of Kisses.

    The series, filled with political intrigue and personal conflicts, sees Ser Criston Cole’s character undergo a significant transformation from a noble knight to one of the most despised characters by Season 2.

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    The storyline begins with Rhaenyra Targaryen agreeing to marry Laenor Velaryon, son of Corlys Velaryon, to strengthen the royal line.

    However, this union was troubled from the start since neither Rhaenyra nor Laenor harbored romantic feelings for each other.

    Why Ser Criston Cole Killed the Joffrey Lonmouth In House of the Dragon
    Image Credits: HBO

    They both had other interests: Rhaenyra was drawn to Ser Criston Cole, while Laenor was attracted to men, specifically Joffrey Lonmouth.

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    During Season 1, Episode 4, Rhaenyra and Ser Criston succumb to their mutual attraction and engage in sexual intercourse, leading to Rhaenyra losing her virginity.

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    This event marks a significant turn in Ser Criston’s life, as it stains his honor and goes against his noble vows as a member of the Kingsguard.

    In the following episode, Ser Criston proposes to Rhaenyra that they run away together and start a new life in Essos, away from the burdens of the Iron Throne and Westerosi traditions.

    Rhaenyra, understanding her duty as the heir to the throne, declines his proposal and continues with her plan to marry Laenor.

    The two come to an understanding about their open marriage, allowing Rhaenyra to continue her relationship with Criston and Laenor with Joffrey.

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    This arrangement, however, deeply troubles Ser Criston. Feeling used and rejected, he tells Rhaenyra that he will not be her “whore.”

    The rejection, coupled with his broken vows, leads him to harbor intense resentment towards Rhaenyra. This internal conflict comes to a head during the wedding celebration for Rhaenyra and Laenor.

    At the feast, Joffrey Lonmouth approaches Ser Criston, revealing that he knows about Criston’s affair with Rhaenyra and suggesting that their relationships can coexist.

    This conversation pushes Criston over the edge. Already burdened with guilt and anger, Criston snaps and brutally attacks Joffrey, beating him to death in a fit of rage. The attack is sudden and ferocious, leaving Joffrey dead on the floor.

    Criston’s actions are driven by a combination of personal turmoil, rejection, and the pressure of keeping his dishonorable secret. His guilt is further highlighted in a later scene where he contemplates suicide, showing the immense burden he carries.

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    Joffrey’s untimely comments and the situation at the wedding feast exacerbate Criston’s fragile state, leading to the tragic and violent outcome.

    Ser Criston Cole’s killing of Joffrey Lonmouth is a result of emotional and psychological strain, exacerbated by Rhaenyra’s rejection and Joffrey’s knowledge of their affair.

    This event marks a pivotal moment in House of the Dragon, highlighting the intense personal conflicts that drive the characters’ actions.

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