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    “Siksa Neraka” Film Recap & Ending Explained

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    Siksa Neraka, the Indonesian Netflix horror movie, aims to teach some important life lessons, but it ends up being a bit of a mess.

    It’s like they wanted to make it easy to understand for kids, but then they threw in all this blood and guts that just makes it not okay for them.

    And then, when they go all out with the gore, the story feels like it’s aimed at little kids. It’s confusing.

    At the heart of the movie is preacher Syakir and his family. He’s this really religious guy, trying to pass on good values to his four kids.

    He tells them all about heaven and hell, using stories and stuff from their religion. He’s really trying to show them how important it is to be good in this life for the next one.

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    Now, Syakir’s daughter Tyas, she’s totally into what her dad’s saying. I mean, she’s seen some spooky stuff when she was little, so she’s all in.

    But Syakir kind of sees her as this weak and silly girl. He doesn’t expect much from her at all. It’s only when something super sad happens that he realizes he’s been wrong about her all along.

    So yeah, at the end of it all, this movie is kind of a letdown. It’s not scary enough for grown-ups, and it’s too intense for kids.

    They should’ve picked one audience and stuck with it. What do you feel? Let me know in the comments section…

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    Why Did Fajar and Saleh Face Punishment?

    In their afterlife, Fajar and Saleh ended up in hell. They were brutally tortured and burned every second.

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    They realized that their father had been right all along and that one does face punishment for their actions in the mortal world.

    It was only after Fajar’s death that his mother, Ibu Rika, discovered that her son had been lying about the group studies he had been going to.

    He was quite the playboy, and it was only after his death that his mother found out about his many girlfriends.

    He had committed the sin of physically engaging with women before marriage, and therefore he was punished in hell.

    Why were Fajar and Saleh punished? Well, let’s rewind a bit.

    Syakir was proud of his eldest son, Saleh. He was well-educated and had a reputed job. Every time he returned home, he brought presents for the entire family.

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    His siblings aspired to become like him; after all, he was the perfect son.

    Siksa Neraka
    Image Credits: Cinema 21

    Tyas admired Saleh as well, and she was a little surprised when he proposed that they all leave the house together for their sister, Azizah, to participate in a singing competition.

    It seemed all too wrong for Tyas; she knew their parents would be disappointed in them. She tried to warn her siblings, but they did not care about her opinion.

    Tyas had no choice but to accompany them.

    It was raining heavily that night, and when they attempted to cross the river, they all slipped and fell.

    The water current was too strong, resulting in the tragic deaths of Fajar, Saleh, and Azizah.

    Syakir was devastated when he figured out that Saleh had gotten his neighbors to invest in his schemes, and they lost most of their savings as a result.

    While Saleh managed to stay out of prison in the mortal world, he had to be accountable for his sins in his afterlife.

    But, Saleh was not the perfect son his father always thought he was. He was not an assistant professor but a big gambler and schemer.

    Saleh used to sell dubious insurance schemes and never returned the money. He was a gambling addict, and he did not care about the lives he ruined by his actions.

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    Azizah’s Secret

    Azizah had a big secret she kept from everyone. Although she seemed like a sweet girl loved by her family, she had a passion for music, something her father strongly disapproved of.

    Despite her father’s wishes, Azizah loved to sing and dreamt of performing in front of a big crowd.

    This desire to pursue music played a significant role in her journey to hell.

    But that’s not the only reason Azizah ended up in hell. Despite her innocent facade, she was a bully at school.

    The most shocking revelation towards the end of “Siksa Neraka” was that Azizah’s bullying led her best friend to suicide.

    Siksa Neraka
    Image Credits: Cinema 21

    Surprisingly, even after learning about her friend Dini’s death, Azizah showed no remorse. She even decided to attend the music event as if nothing had happened.

    Her lack of empathy was disturbing, and it ultimately sealed her fate.

    Tyas, another character in the story, was taken aback by Azizah’s indifferent attitude towards Dini’s death.

    She found it strange but never suspected Azizah’s involvement in the tragedy.

    In the afterlife, Azizah faced ruthless torture in hell, a punishment for her actions on earth.

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    Tyas Left Hell

    In Hell, Tyas found herself standing amidst her siblings’ torment. It broke her heart to witness their suffering, but she was powerless to intervene.

    Fajar, Saleh, and Azizah endured huge pain, while Tyas remained untouched by the horrors surrounding her. She felt really confused and upset about how unfair everything seemed.

    As Tyas tried to understand the strange nightmare happening around her, she had a sudden realization.

    The tormentors were none other than the twisted reflections of her siblings’ own darkness.

    They each had something bad inside them that took them to a very scary place, where terrible things happened.

    But Tyas was different. She harbored no evil within her, her spirit untainted by the darkness that consumed her siblings.

    Throughout her life, Tyas had walked the path of righteousness, guided by a moral compass that never wavered.

    Siksa Neraka
    Image Credits: Cinema 21

    While she may not have possessed the intellect of her siblings, her great virtue shielded her from the clutches of damnation. And so, as the ordeal reached its climax, Tyas emerged unscathed, her purity unmarred by the flames of Hell.

    Eventually, Tyas’s ordeal came to an end, and she returned to the realm of the living. Her parents, Syakir and Ibu Rika, welcomed her back with open arms, relieved to have their daughter home once more.

    Even though they were sad about losing their other kids, Tyas coming back made them feel a bit hopeful in the sad times.

    And as they laid their beloved children to rest, they found solace in the knowledge that Tyas had been spared, her soul untainted by the horrors of Hell.

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    Family’s Tragic Transformation

    Tyas and her family were profoundly affected by the accident. Before the tragedy, Syakir, her father, was always strict with Tyas, especially about her studies.

    But everything changed after the accident. Syakir realized that Tyas was the only one who truly praised his teachings about being a good person.

    Tyas had a strong belief in the consequences of her actions in the afterlife, which stemmed from a childhood experience of seeing someone suffer in hell.

    Syakir regretted his previous behavior towards Tyas and vowed to become a better father to her. Tyas’s siblings, who used to mock her for being serious, also recognized the value of her approach.

    At the end of “Siksa Neraka,” Tyas emerges as the beacon of hope for her parents. The loss of three children deeply affected Syakir and Ibu Rika, Tyas’s mother.

    Despite their grief, Tyas tried her best to support her parents. She remained committed to her studies and brought pride to her parents through her achievements.

    Tyas was grateful for her parents’ continued support, despite the hardships they faced. Together, they focused on moving forward in life, though the pain lingered.

    They frequently visited the graves of Fajar, Saleh, and Azizah, reflecting on the brevity of life.

    Tyas believed it was crucial to do good and encourage others to do the right thing to avoid suffering in the afterlife, learning from the tragic loss of her siblings.

    FAQs (Frquently Asked Questions)

    What Was the Aim of “Siksa Neraka”?

    The aim of “Siksa Neraka” was to teach important life lessons.

    Did “Siksa Neraka” Succeed in Its Goal?

    No, it ended up being a bit of a mess.

    Who Was the Main Character in “Siksa Neraka”?

    The preacher Syakir and his family were at the heart of the movie.

    What Values Did Syakir Try to Instill in His Children?

    Syakir tried to pass on good values to his four kids, emphasizing the importance of being good in this life for the next one.

    How Did Tyas React to Her Father’s Teachings?

    Tyas fully embraced her father’s teachings, believing in the consequences of actions in the afterlife.

    What Was the Tragic Event That Changed Everything?

    The tragic event was the death of three of Syakir’s children in an accident.

    What Role Did Tyas Play in Her Family After the Accident?

    Tyas became the beacon of hope for her parents and remained dedicated to supporting them.

    What Were Fajar and Saleh Punished For?

    Fajar and Saleh faced punishment in the afterlife for their sins, including deceit and gambling.

    Why Did Azizah Face Punishment in Hell?

    Azizah faced punishment for her involvement in bullying and her lack of empathy towards a friend’s suicide.

    What Was Tyas’s Experience in Hell?

    In Hell, Tyas witnessed the torment of her siblings but emerged unscathed due to her virtuous nature.

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