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    “The Spiderwick Chronicles” 2024 Series Summary & Ending Explained

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    The Spiderwick Chronicles is a TV show based on a children’s book series of the same name. It mixes modern stuff to attract kids.

    The story is about the Grace family moving from New York to the Spiderwick Estate.

    Helen decided to split from her husband, and she took her kids, twins Jared and Simon, and daughter Mallory, to stay at their ancestral house.

    The house gave off major creepy vibes for the whole family, but they still decided to live there. Jared, being curious, started hearing some freaky noises at night and even spotted a scary figure in a cupboard.

    But, of course, when he disclosed this to his family, they neglected it as his usual tall tales. Jared was known for telling so many lies, so nobody believed him. And every time Jared got called out for his past fibs, it messed with his head big time.

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    Meanwhile, Simon was on a mission to be the golden child, always trying to keep things smooth, but he couldn’t help getting fed up with Jared’s antics.

    The whole drama between the bros and the sketchy history of the house? Yeah, that sets the stage for all the crazy stuff in “The Spiderwick Chronicles.”

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    What was Mulgarath’s obsession with getting his hands on the Dragon Page?

    Mulgarath was up to some serious evil plans, wanting to wipe out mankind, and bringing back the dragons was his big move.

    He was desperate to get his hands on Arthur Spiderwick’s know-how about this invisible creature, all packed up in ‘The Field Guide’.

    One of the book’s pages revealed the lowdown on how to take care of dragons, and Mulgarath got news that Jared knew about it.

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    Cunning as he was, Mulgarath saw a glimmer of hope in Jared’s brother, Simon, who was willing to lend a hand. He told so many lies that Simon believed he was the hero of the invisible world.

    Simon, being an animal lover, totally bought into the idea of humans wrecking the fairy world. Suddenly, Mulgarath looked like the hero trying to bring back these long-lost dragons.

    He sent Simon on a wild goose chase for the dragon page. Jared figured out Simon’s secret plan when he discovered him trapped in the dumbwaiter.

    Jared completely lost trust. He even suspected his squad—Mallory, Hatcher, and Bree—were in on the betrayal. His paranoia levels went through the roof, accusing everyone of fooling him.

    He even tried to unmask Hatcher, convinced he was some imposter. Poor Hatcher struggled with how he looked and got caught up in the mess.

    Jared was beyond frustrated, especially seeing his mom swoon over the shapeshifting demon, mistaking him for Dr. Dorian Brauer.

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    Jared was tired of proving himself to his friends, he just wanted them to trust him. He felt like a Doubting Thomas, always needing evidence. Aunt Lucinda’s words made sense: sometimes being a truth-seeker and hero means going it alone.

    Helen, seeing Jared’s trust issues spiral, shipped him off for a Dr. Brauer makeover at a residential clinic. Mulgarath tried everything to mess with Jared’s mind, telling one story after another.

    He wanted Jared to see him as a buddy, not a baddie, but Jared wasn’t having any of it.

    The demon tried all kinds of tricks to make Jared doubt himself, and though it shook him up, Jared didn’t fall for it.

    Mulgarath roped Simon into the mind games, adding to Jared’s confusion. The demon had Jared under his microscope, realizing the dude only trusted himself.

    When the dragon page wasn’t at Spiderwick Estate, Mulgarath figured out Jared had it. He busted Jared’s arm cast and grabbed the dragon page, getting closer to his evil plan.

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    Escape and Betrayal

    Mulgarath, with the dragon page, was almost there in his evil plan. He used poison to knock out some humans and turned others into zombies using mushrooms.

    Helen finally saw the truth about the guy she was falling for—he was no good. But she was trapped, no way out.

    Meanwhile, Thimbletack, the brownie, came to the rescue, helping Jared bust out of the loony bin. The mushroom zombies had taken over the hospital, but Thimbletack guided Jared to freedom.

    Mallory, covered in mushrooms, joined them, blending in. She suggested Jared do the same for an easier escape.

    Whispering to his sister, Jared shared how the mushroom disguise was working, but oops, the shroomers heard them—they were sensitive to noise.

    Luckily, Simon saved the day, playing a tune on the loudspeaker, distracting the shroomers and letting them slip away. Jared felt grateful his family had his back, but he still had doubts about Simon.

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    Did Simon Betray Jared?

    So, Simon admitted he was tricking Jared from the start. He was playing a sneaky game, trying to get close to the demon to find out what it was up to.

    Mallory, Hatcher, and Bree believed Simon’s tale about the antidote for the sleeping spell. He said it was made from dragon seed, and they bought it without a second thought!

    But winning Jared over? That was a whole different ball game.

    At first, Jared was all set to go solo, thinking he couldn’t trust anyone. Then Thimbletack, that little sprite, dropped some truth bombs on him.

    Jared realizes he’s the key to taking down Mulgarath. So, he swallows his pride and joins the crew. They decided that Simon would keep pretending to be on Team Mulgarath.

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    Did Simon Win Calliope’s Support?

    Simon managed to charm the conceited demon with his sweet talk, but Calliope wasn’t buying it. She could see right through his fibs. It surprised her to see Simon’s transformation.

    Though his intentions were noble, Calliope, being a Fetcher, had her reasons for not wanting to get involved.

    She thrived on death, after all. Even though she wasn’t thrilled about Mulgarath’s scheme, she felt trapped with no way out.

    Simon opened up about the dangers he was willing to take for everyone’s sake. Calliope felt that deep down.

    She had a change of heart and decided to pitch in. She handed over the special stuff made from dragon seed to cure folks of their sleep woes.

    With Calliope’s backing, Simon took a shot at alerting the fairies about Mulgarath’s nastiness and urged them to take a stand.

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    Family Power

    Jared and Helen gulped down that weird tea Thimbletack brewed up, and bam! They went invisible, dodging Mulgarath like pros. Then, suddenly, Helen nearly fainted seeing Lucinda in this dreamy place.

    Turns out, Lucinda had been pulling some sneaky moves to aid Jared from a distance. She gushed about Helen’s kids, giving props to Helen for raising them right.

    Lucinda dropped some serious truth bombs about family sticking together.

    Oh, and get this, she struck a deal with the elves to whisk her away to the invisible creatures’ court to fight for her dad’s case.

    Meanwhile, Mallory and Bree were on a mad hunt for ‘The Field Guide’. They scored it, but Mulgarath crashed their party on the way out.

    Mallory acted tough, saying she’d destroy the book, but Mulgarath didn’t believe her. He was about to attack Mallory when suddenly, Bree lost it and attacked him with a sword.

    But oh man, the sword didn’t do a thing! Bree was all over the place mentally. Mallory was determined to help her friend. Her good intentions made the magic sword work at last. She rescued Bree, but Mulgarath was still a big challenge.

    Helen rushed in and splashed the demon with liquid iron—his weakness. The Grace gang knew they were in trouble, so they asked for help from a powerful invisible ally.

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    Did The Troll Whisk Mulgarath Away?

    Thimbletack, the tiny Sprite guy, tells Jared to call the troll to deal with Mulgarath, who’s stirring up trouble. And get this? They realize they need to mimic the sound of wind rustling through trees to summon the troll.

    They made a racket, thinking Mr. Troll would come out. But uh-oh, it wasn’t the troll—it was Mulgarath crashing the party. Then, surprise! The big troll appears and drags Mulgarath away.

    And with Simon’s plea and all the racket, they manage to send Mulgarath packing. Victory dance time! They even get the humans and shrooms back to their senses with some fairy dust magic. Finally, peace at Spiderwick!

    But hold up, the drama ain’t over yet. Suddenly, the dragon egg cracks open, and bam, another hurdle. Jared’s like, “We gotta deal with this dragon, pronto.” He’s all about cutting ties with these creatures he deems too risky.

    But his fam’s like, “Nah, let’s give ’em a shot.” Jared’s feeling guilty, thinking he’s the reason for all the chaos.

    But his peeps reassure him, telling him he’s their hero. He’s got a chance to prove himself, and even though it’s tough, they’re not giving up on him.

    Then there’s Simon, caught up in a whirlwind romance with Calliope, who’s got a thing for death. But Simon’s all about giving her a chance, and she doesn’t let him down.

    So, Jared decides not to off the dragon, and his family’s super proud. They’re celebrating when the plot twists!

    Another Jared pops up, claiming to be the OG one. He tries to convince them that the Jared they know is Mulgarath in disguise.

    But when the new guy handles iron like it’s NBD, they buy it. Original Jared’s like, “Don’t trust this dude,” but it’s too late. Mallory, thinking he’s the real deal, stabs him. And poof, he vanishes. Mulgarath’s slick, playing them like a fiddle.

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    Where’s Jared end up?

    He’s whisked away to a secret world where his great-grandpa Arthur Spiderwick hangs out. Turns out, Arthur’s been low-key this whole time.

    Maybe he’s the one who brought Jared here for protection. But can they bounce back to the human world to save the day?

    Season one leaves us hanging, hinting at a sequel where Jared and Arthur team up to take on Mulgarath.

    With Arthur’s wisdom, Jared’s ready to face off against the demon. But until then, we’re betting Mulgarath’s gonna stir up some trouble in the human world.

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