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    “Parish” Episode 4 Summary & Ending Explained

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    In the last Parish episode, Gracian came out as a hero, risking his own life to rescue Horse. It was a total shocker because Gracian didn’t know those attackers were Anton’s crew.

    Even Anton was surprised to hear about Gracian’s involvement, especially since Gracian wanted a peaceful life.

    Now, let’s see what Anton’s move is. Will he go ahead and eliminate Horse to protect his family? Let’s find out!

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    “Parish” Episode 4: Family or Loyalty?

    Seven years back, in a flashback, Gracian made up his mind to stay away from the underworld hustle and focus on his family instead.

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    He didn’t want his wife and daughter to know about his past, and he was determined to keep it that way.

    He didn’t know it, but life had different ideas. It dragged him back in to keep his fam safe.

    Before this episode, we learned that Anton’s gang attacked Horse, catching Gracian off guard.

    It turns out, Horse used to work for Anton, but things went sour. Anton felt Horse was plotting against him, aiming to steal his power and position.

    Now, Anton’s ordered his crew to take out Horse, no questions asked.

    When Gracian suddenly showed up, it was like a bolt from the blue, totally catching Anton off guard. He was all like, “Whoa, what’s going on here?” Guess what? Gracian, who said he was done with all this kind of stuff, was now right at Anton’s door.

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    Anton wasted no time getting straight to the point – he told Gracian that if he wanted to keep his family safe, he’d have to do the unthinkable: take out Horse.

    Gracian felt trapped like he had no choice but to go along with it. So there he was, heading over to Horse’s place, feeling all kinds of messed up inside.

    Now, Gracian wasn’t the type to go around offending people, especially not someone like Horse.

    But at that moment, he was clueless about what to do. He was really torn about what to do. Gracian was just fed up with all the drama and mess in his life. He was like, “Enough is enough!”

    So, Gracian made a decision then and there – he was gonna put an end to this mess once and for all.

    He couldn’t bear the thought of his family suffering because of his past mistakes. It was like he was falling through thin air, with no plan in sight.

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    But he was determined to figure it out on the fly, to keep his loved ones safe no matter what.

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    How Did Zenzo React to Colin?

    Gracian had no idea that Zenzo and Horse already knew about the tracker on Horse’s car from the day Gracian drove him.

    Zenzo was suspicious of Greece’s loyalty and tried to convince Horse that Gracian might be a traitor.

    Horse respected Gracian and knew he wouldn’t have survived the shooting if Gracian hadn’t been there.

    Horse noticed Gracian’s affection for Luke, his son, and wanted to treat Gracian better. He even stopped Zenzo from disrespecting Gracian during their conversation.

    However, they found the tracker, and Horse wanted to find out who put it there.

    Gracian caught one of Anton’s dudes, and under Zenzo’s pressure, the guy spilled everything.

    He revealed that Colin had been leaking information for a long time, betraying everyone. Zenzo insisted Gracian call Colin to Horse’s mansion to get to the truth.

    Gracian questioned trusting someone from the enemy’s side, but Zenzo wouldn’t listen. Eventually, Gracian made the call, asking Colin to come over.

    Things got pretty intense when Zenzo almost attacked Colin with his machete because he thought Colin was involved with Anton.

    But Horse, trying to sort things out, stepped in before things got worse. Zenzo, feeling insecure, didn’t like it when his brother treated Gracian equally.

    He was super jealous. Horse asked Gracian to drive him, which annoyed Zenzo, but he had to go along with it because his brother said so.

    Gracian kept reassuring Shamiso and Zenzo that he didn’t want to replace them and was cool with staying out of the Tongai family drama.

    Horse, knowing how things were, often had to step in and calm Zenzo down because he tended to lose his cool.

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    “Parish” Episode 4 Ending: Did Gracian Straight Up Kill Horse?

    So, at the end of the episode, things got tense. The horse was like, “Yo, Zenzo, scram! Me, Colin, and Gracian gotta hash things out.”

    Gracian acted all mad at Colin like he’d been betrayed or something. Colin went with it, not telling Horse anything.

    Then Gracian dropped a huge surprise. He was like, “I’m gonna take out Colin ’cause I’m tired of people messin’ with my life.”

    He grabbed a machete and looked like he was gonna slice Colin, but then he turned on Horse, puttin’ the blade to his neck. But he didn’t hurt Horse, just gave him a reality check.

    Meanwhile, back at Gracian’s crib, Rose went full beast mode, takin’ out Anton’s goons. She dipped with Michaela, leaving Gracian to handle his business.

    When Gracian got back home, his moves made Horse think deeply. But then Horse went to see Anton, straight-up tellin’ him to get to the point if he wanted to off him. Total shocker! This could flip the script big time.

    Gonna be wild to see if Anton and Horse patch things up, and if Gracian can bounce back from this mess and leave his past behind. Stay tuned!

    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

    Did Gracian Dare Drop Down Horse?

    Gracian didn’t harm Horse. He just gave him a reality check with a close shave.

    What Surprised Anton About Gracian?

    Anton was shocked that Gracian, who wanted a peaceful life, got involved in the chaos.

    How Did Gracian Decide to Protect His Family?

    Feeling trapped, Gracian reluctantly agrees to Anton’s demand to ensure his family’s safety.

    What Was Zenzo’s Suspicion Regarding Gracian?

    Zenzo suspected Gracian’s loyalty due to a tracker found on Horse’s car.

    Who Did Zenzo Accuse of Betrayal?

    Zenzo accused Colin of leaking information to Anton, betraying their group.

    Why Did Zenzo Nearly Attack Colin?

    Zenzo believed Colin was involved with Anton and nearly attacked him out of suspicion.

    How Did Horse React to Gracian’s Actions?

    Horse was deeply affected by Gracian’s actions and went to confront Anton.

    What Could Happen Next in Parish?

    The tension between Anton, Horse, and Gracian could escalate, leading to unpredictable consequences.

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