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    Exciting March Lineup on Disney+: New Marvel and Star Wars Releases

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    • Disney+ to debut three new Marvel and Star Wars releases in March 2024.
    • “Morbius,” “Star Wars: The Bad Batch,” and “X-Men ’97” set to premiere.
    • The exciting lineup promises entertainment for fans of all ages.
    • Disney+ is gearing up for an exciting March with three new releases from Marvel and Star Wars.

      Kicking off the year with a bang, January saw high viewership numbers for “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” and “Echo.”

      More recently, “The Marvels” found success on the streaming platform, surpassing expectations set by its box office performance.

      In March 2024, Disney+ will introduce a mix of live-action and animated content for fans to enjoy.

      First up is “Morbius,” a Spider-Man spin-off starring Jared Leto. Despite being widely criticized, this movie is set to debut on Disney+ on Friday, March 1st. While it may have faced ridicule online, it still attempts to tell the story of Doctor Michael Morbius and his journey to acquiring vampire powers.

      Following “Morbius,” fans can look forward to more episodes of “Star Wars: The Bad Batch” Season 3.

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      With the first three episodes already out and the fourth coming soon, March will bring five new episodes, continuing the adventures in the Star Wars universe.

      The series, beloved by fans for its exploration of the galaxy, will see extra excitement in March with two episodes dropping on Wednesday, March 13th.

      Lastly, Marvel fans can rejoice as the iconic X-Men franchise makes its debut on Disney+ with “X-Men ’97.”

      This animated series picks up where the beloved ’90s cartoon left off, featuring fan-favorite characters like Storm, Wolverine, and Cyclops.

      The first two episodes will be released on Wednesday, March 20th and March 27th, respectively, with a total of 10 episodes planned for the season.

      As fans eagerly await these releases, they can catch the next episode of “The Bad Batch” Season 3 on Wednesday, February 28th. With a lineup of exciting content, March is shaping up to be an entertaining month for Disney+ subscribers.

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