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    “Palm Royale” Episode 6 Summary & Ending Explained

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    • Maxine aims for a star guest for the Beach Ball to save her reputation.
    • Linda’s dad seeks comfort as he faces his mortality.
    • Maxine’s attempts to secure a guest for the Beach Ball face challenges.
    • The episode ends with Maxine’s blackmail plan taking shape and Linda’s actions being exposed.

    Episode 6 of Palm Royale is kind of chill compared to the other episodes. It’s not as wild, believe it or not. In the last episode, Maxine thought she was freeing herself by ditching Linda’s gun, and Linda thought she was protecting Palm Beach by destroying the Rolodex.

    But guess what? They’re both way off. Evelyn, being super savvy, knows exactly how this mess could mess up the Beach Ball and her status among Palm Beach’s socialites.

    Even though Maxine seems like a big liar, oddly enough, most of what she says turns out to be true. Episode 6 drops some cool surprises, so let’s dive in.

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    Who Is Maxine Hoping Will Be Her Star Guest?

    So, Maxine spills the beans to Evelyn during a NASA visit about tossing the gun and Linda trashing the Rolodex. Evelyn freaks out in a space simulator, saying their chances for the Beach Ball are ruined.

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    Maxine talks to the ladies, but Evelyn quietly bails on the tour. Maxine starts doubting if anyone will come to the Beach Ball just for her. She figures a big guest, like an astronaut, might lure them in.

    Meanwhile, Douglas falls for Perry’s condo scheme, unknowingly giving away Norma’s money. Maxine worries since it’ll empty Norma’s accounts. But then she hears the prince of Luxembourg might be the condo ambassador and thinks he’d be perfect for the Beach Ball.

    Who wouldn’t wanna meet a prince, right? Maxine tries crashing a dinner Douglas is at with the prince, but he says it’s a “guy thing.”

    Maxine’s kinda like the rebellious kid who does her own thing, so she shows up at the dinner anyway. She’s surprised to see Dinah and the prince’s wife there too. She spills to Dinah in the bathroom about trying to hook up with Robert, thinking Douglas knows and is mad at her.

    Dinah laughs it off, saying Robert’s gay, so Maxine shouldn’t worry. Ironically, Perry knows about Dinah and the tennis coach and is seeing other women. Maxine tells Dinah her manicurist might be one of them.

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    Does the Prince Accept Maxine’s Invitation?

    Linda meets up with her dad to share the news that Maxine has tossed away the gun, meaning Linda is now free. Skeet, Linda’s dad, expresses his desire to move on and leave this world.

    Even though Linda reassures him that she’ll be okay, they’re both scared of what’s ahead. Skeet admits he’s been in a lot of pain but is managing with morphine.

    He apologizes for the family’s troubled history and for constantly letting Linda down. It seems some people can change when they hit rock bottom.

    Meanwhile, the prince of Luxembourg agrees to buy one of the condos, draining more money from Norma’s account. Maxine seizes the chance to confront Douglas about not being invited to the dinner and insists on being the one to present the prince with the check. She hopes this will secure her invitation to the Beach Ball.

    The news is buzzing with discussions about homosexuality, and Maxine gets curious, asking Robert if he’s gay.

    He admits he is but reassures her that it’s okay and that they’re still friends. Maxine tries to brush it off, saying her real friends are the Palm Beach socialites, but Robert reminds her that they aren’t true friends like he is.

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    Meanwhile, Evelyn and Skeet finally have a tough conversation about their marriage. Skeet accuses Evelyn of using his money to protect her own interests. Evelyn defends herself, saying they got married because he once loved her, and Norma was only trying to do what she thought was right.

    Skeet sees the gun as a symbol of their imprisonment and threatens Evelyn, leading to a tense standoff.

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    “Palm Royale” Episode 6 Ending

    Maxine and Ann chat in the sauna, where Ann wonders why Maxine might not like her despite being friendly. During their talk, Maxine calls Ann a “winner,” but before they can delve deeper, Mary interrupts.

    Ann leaves, and Mary warns Maxine about the money she owes. Later, Maxine goes to the bank for checks for Perry and the prince of Luxembourg, adding an extra $75,000 for Mary, totaling $825,000.

    Meanwhile, Virginia is upset with Linda for ruining the Rolodex, which Virginia wanted to use for their political goals. Linda’s dad is dying, and she asks Virginia for LSD to ease his pain, but Virginia is preoccupied with Perry’s situation.

    At a spacecraft launch party, Maxine tries to invite the prince to her Beach Ball, but he declines. Linda and her father take LSD and watch the launch together, saying their goodbyes.

    At the party, Evelyn criticizes Maxine for her failures in Palm Beach. Later, Robert finds a newspaper article about Perry’s scandal, orchestrated by Virginia. Maxine feels defeated when no one wants to be her special guest.

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    She confides in Ann about her past as an orphan and her use of fake names to enter pageants, seeking a better life.

    Ann finds Maxine’s story boring and offers her a hug, expecting something more scandalous. Robert offers to take Maxine home, realizing she’s struggling. He encourages her to use the Beach Ball to raise funds and exposes the corruption in charity events.

    Robert gives Maxine invitations written by Norma, containing blackmail material. This is why Mary was desperate for money.

    The episode ends with Robert being visited by the prince, suggesting Maxine’s blackmail plan is in motion. Norma reveals she has seen Linda destroy the Rolodex, implicating her further.

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