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    “Parish” Episode 2 Twist & Ending Explained

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    Episode 1 of “Parish” showed Gracian agreeing to assist his friend, Colin, hoping to help him out of a jam and make some cash for his family. Little did he know, he was getting himself into deep trouble.

    Witnessing a lawyer’s murder was a wake-up call for Gracian, making him realize he’d made a grave mistake.

    Now, in Episode 2, let’s see if Gracian can navigate his way out of this mess and emerge unscathed.

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    How Did Gracian Get Rid Of The Dead Body?

    Gracian disposed of the dead body by cleaning the entire garage and burning the clothes they were both wearing. He was very careful to leave no evidence behind to incriminate them.

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    When an old acquaintance of Gracian came to the garage due to the noise, he managed to keep her from discovering the body.

    But, Colin’s forgetfulness about his parole officers’ visit interrupted their plans. Gracian, frustrated with Colin’s recklessness, dropped him off at his place before attending to the officers.

    In Episode 2 of Parish, Colin and Gracian drove out of the city and dumped a dead lawyer’s body in a lake. But Gracian’s car got stuck, and they argued a lot.

    They both realized they were wrong and made up. Then, two detectives named Doucet and Fuentes visited Gracian’s house, asking about Colin. They said Colin was the main suspect in a case where he stole something from a lawyer’s office.

    Gracian denied knowing where Colin was, even though he knew the police were onto them. The detectives didn’t have proof, so they couldn’t do anything. But Gracian realized he needed to be careful from now on.

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    The Rift Between Horse and Zenzo

    So, in the last episode of Parish, Zenzo did something really bad. He killed a lawyer, but it wasn’t planned. Horse, his brother, was mad about it.

    They only wanted to scare the lawyer, not hurt him. But Zenzo got too angry and went too far. This made Horse upset because Zenzo didn’t listen to what they had agreed on.

    Horse and Zenzo have always had problems. Horse is the boss, but Zenzo doesn’t always follow his orders. The horse told Zenzo he needed to do what he said. Zenzo felt hurt but didn’t argue.

    I think Zenzo might turn against his brother later because of what happened. There’s already a bit of bad blood between them.

    Later, Zenzo spent time with Luke, Horse’s son. It seemed like Zenzo was planning something in his mind like he had his own ideas about what to do next.

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    The Twist in Parish Episode 2

    In the second episode of “Parish,” Gracian goes to Horse’s house and tells him that they got rid of a dead body.

    Horse thought Gracian was a good guy and might ask for his help in the future. Even though their first meeting didn’t go well, Horse wanted to show respect and offered Gracian a job.

    But Gracian wanted to focus on his family and legally make money. The horse didn’t give up and asked Gracian to drive him somewhere.

    While driving Horse and his son, Gracian noticed a black car following them. He realized they were in danger, so he sped up.

    Some guys started shooting at them, and Gracian hid Horse’s son to keep him safe. He was going back to help Horse when Horse got shot.

    But in a scene after the credits, we find out that Horse is still alive. Gracian took him to a friend’s place and got him medical help.

    If Horse survives, Gracian might become his right-hand man. Horse saw that Gracian risked his life to save his son, and he respects people like that. Gracian’s life might change, and he might finally solve his money problems.

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