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    Red Bull’s Christian Horner Cleared After Investigation

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    • Christian Horner, Red Bull’s team principal, has been cleared of allegations following an internal investigation.
    • The accusations, involving inappropriate behavior towards a female colleague, were denied by Horner.
    • Red Bull asserts the investigation was fair and impartial, with Horner retaining his role.
    • Details of the allegations and investigation remain confidential, with Red Bull emphasizing a commitment to workplace standards.

    Red Bull’s boss, Christian Horner, has been declared innocent after an investigation into claims made against him by a female colleague. Some people accused the 50-year-old of behaving inappropriately and trying to control others at work.

    The company says they are sure that the investigation was fair and unbiased. Horner, who has been in charge of Red Bull since 2005, says he didn’t do anything wrong. He will still be the boss of Red Bull’s Formula 1 team.

    Red Bull hasn’t given any details about the accusations or the investigation. They say the report is private and won’t say anything else to respect everyone’s privacy.

    The claims came out on 5th February, and the investigation took eight weeks. It was made public at the start of this month. At the Bahrain Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton, a seven-time world champion, said it was important to take such accusations seriously to keep the sport safe and fair.

    Ford, a big car company that will work with Red Bull in F1 from 2026, got upset because the investigation was taking too long. They wanted Red Bull to explain everything to them clearly.

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    Red Bull’s star driver, Max Verstappen, says he trusts the investigation process. He didn’t directly say if he still believes in Horner as the team boss.

    When the claims first came out, Red Bull said they were serious and started an independent investigation. Horner denied the claims from the start. He was questioned by a lawyer on 9th February, but nothing was decided.

    The claims caused problems when Red Bull launched their new car on 15th February. Horner said it was a distraction for the team. He said all of Red Bull’s owners support him.

    During testing before the season, Mercedes’ boss Toto Wolff said the investigation should be open and clear. He said it’s an issue for all of Formula 1.

    The FIA, the organization that looks after F1, says they won’t say anything until the investigation is done. But they say they are committed to keeping the sport fair and inclusive.

    Christian Horner has been in charge of Red Bull since they joined F1 in 2005. Under him, Red Bull has won many championships. He got an OBE in 2013 and a CBE last year. He used to race when he was young but stopped when he was 25 to focus on managing an F1 team. He married Geri Halliwell from the Spice Girls in 2015.

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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Who is the CEO of Red Bull F1?

    The CEO of Red Bull F1 is Christian Horner.

    How did Christian Horner make his money?

    Christian Horner made his money through his career in Formula 1, initially as a racer and later as a team principal for Red Bull Racing.

    What has happened to Christian Horner?

    Christian Horner has been cleared of allegations of inappropriate behavior towards a female colleague after an internal investigation.

    Is Christian Horner staying at Red Bull?

    Yes, Christian Horner is remaining in his role as the team principal and chief executive of Red Bull F1.

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