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    “Palm Royale” Episode 7 Summary & Ending Explained

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    In Palm Royale episode 7, things take a surprising turn. Linda’s father, Skeet, sadly passes away during his funeral, but the episode remains full of unexpected moments.

    The storyline revolves mostly around Skeet’s funeral, which brings both emotions and excitement. Paying attention to the episode titles can give hints about what’s coming up, which I find quite intriguing.

    Before Skeet’s demise, he shares a memorable moment with Linda, indulging in some LSD and enjoying themselves to the fullest.

    Meanwhile, Perry, who caused trouble in the previous episode, finally faces consequences for his actions. This leaves Maxine worrying about her family’s future.

    One of the key questions arising is about the division of Skeet’s assets. His last conversation with Evelyn hints at potential conflicts over inheritance.

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    Will Evelyn need to put extra effort into claiming her share? And what about Linda? Did Skeet leave everything to her, or did he ensure Evelyn received her portion as well?

    As the episode begins, viewers anticipate the resolution of these questions and the direction the storyline will take. Episode 7 of Palm Royale is sure to be full of ups and downs, with lots of feelings and unexpected twists.

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    What Happens in Episode 7 of Palm Royale?

    In Episode 7 of Palm Royale, we start with a flashback to Maxine and Dougie’s wedding. During the wedding, Douglas mentioned wanting to name their future child Jack, which made Maxine look worried.

    In the present, the Dellacortes are preparing to attend Skeet’s funeral. Robert, however, sneaks out to meet the prince of Luxembourg without anyone knowing.

    While they wait for Robert, we find out that Norma has loaded her gun and hidden it in her purse. Later in the episode, Robert discovers Norma’s plan to possibly harm Maxine during Skeet’s funeral.

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    He decides to remove all the guns from the house to prevent any accidents. Meanwhile, Douglas and Maxine discuss the consequences of Douglas’ association with Perry.

    Dinah arrives and informs them that Perry has been taken away by the authorities, leaving her in need of a new partner to survive.

    At the funeral, Linda’s friends come too. Linda wants them to take some of her late father’s stuff because she thinks they’ll end up with Evelyn. Evelyn wants to blame Linda for something bad, like calling her a murderer in front of everyone.

    Meanwhile, the prince of Luxembourg and Robert are enjoying themselves at a hotel. The prince asks if he can go to the funeral with Robert, and Robert agrees.

    Evelyn accuses Maxine of forgetting they planned to run an event together. Maxine denies it and shows how money from the event is going to someone else.

    While Dougie gets drunk and wears his kilt, Maxine tries to figure out how to save the estate from Dougie’s mess. Paying people off seems like the solution. Raquel’s husband tells Dougie to act tough to show Palm Beach who’s boss and avoid trouble with the law.

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    Maxine asks Linda for help finding a Scottish outfit. But Robert appears and reveals he’s found someone, showing Maxine’s inclusive nature. They discuss not wanting to be part of a big movement but just being themselves.

    So, in short, Linda’s friends join her at the funeral, where Evelyn tries to make trouble. Meanwhile, Robert and the prince have fun together, and Maxine deals with estate problems.

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    Why is Ann from the Shiny Sheet so Desperate at the Funeral?

    At the funeral, Ann from the Shiny Sheet tries to talk to Maxine and Douglas, but she’s also sneaking pictures of something else. The prince and princess are involved, but why is Ann so desperate? We’ll soon know.

    Meanwhile, the prince and Robert plan to leave Palm Beach for the south of France. However, the princess notices Ann’s camera and a fight breaks out. She manages to snatch the camera and escape.

    On another front, Mary shares her difficult story with Maxine, hoping for financial support for the Fibs. Mary emphasizes that the real issue isn’t her ability to help the child with fibrosis; she desperately needs Maxine’s check.

    Maxine discovers Norma just before they’re supposed to read the will. They’re surprised to find Robert and the prince accidentally in one of the rooms. Norma’s not as understanding as Maxine, so she’s in a daze, forgetting her plan to harm Maxine.

    Maxine, already stressed, still looks out for her friend Robert, warning the prince not to harm him. Then she realizes she might go to Sing Sing because her name is on all the checks.

    Meanwhile, Evelyn and Linda find out that Linda will be the new leader of the Rollins clan, inheriting all of Skeet’s belongings.

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    The Ending

    In the latest episode of “Palm Royale,” something unexpected happens when a pregnant woman’s water suddenly breaks. Linda’s friends, Maxine and Dougie, along with Mary, are there to help out.

    Surprisingly, Mary knows how to assist with a water birth. Everyone gathers around Linda’s bathtub as she’s chosen to give birth in the water.

    The birth goes smoothly, and a healthy baby boy is born. Maxine and Douglas, overcome with emotion, share a special moment as Maxine names the baby Jack Shelbi.

    Later on, Maxine confesses to Douglas that she had lost a baby before they got married but kept it a secret because he was so excited about starting a family.

    She feels guilty for not telling him sooner, especially since they couldn’t have children afterward. Unfortunately, Douglas doesn’t react well to the news.

    At the end of Episode 7 of Palm Royale, Maxine makes a big move. First, Evelyn and Douglas have a secret, but the feds come looking for Maxine. Douglas goes with them to protect Maxine.

    Maxine finds out Robert is leaving with the prince, so she tells him to use Norma’s money wisely. Later, she discovers something shocking about the prince while cashing checks from ball guests.

    Then, Maxine takes action. She tells the feds where the prince is hiding because he’s wanted for serious crimes.

    This helps them recover Norma’s assets, so they’re not broke anymore. But, Robert is left without the prince, and Maxine feels sorry for him.

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