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    “Knox Goes Away” Review and Ending Explained

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    “Knox Goes Away” is an exciting new crime thriller movie directed by actor Michael Keaton, who also plays the main character in the movie.

    The story is about an old man named John Knox, who has to quit his dangerous job as a hitman because he gets seriously ill.

    Knox doesn’t have much family, but suddenly his ex-wife and son come back into his life asking for help. The movie follows Knox as he tries to help his family while getting ready for retirement. Overall, it’s an okay movie to watch.

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    What Is This Movie Is All About?

    The film “Knox Goes Away” follows the story of John Knox, who works as a hitman for a criminal boss named Xavier Crane.

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    John’s journey begins when he forgets his watch at home before heading out for dinner with his friend Thomas Muncie. This forgetfulness hints at his absent-minded behavior.

    During their dinner, John tells Thomas that he needs to take a short break for personal reasons and asks to postpone their next job by a day.

    Thomas, though worried because John rarely takes time off and their boss won’t be pleased, can’t do anything about it.

    John later reveals to Thomas that he’s suffering from a serious health issue, Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD), which affects his memory.

    He visits a neurologist and learns that he only has a few weeks before his memory will deteriorate completely.

    Despite his condition, John keeps his diagnosis to himself. His only consistent companion is Annie, a sex worker he regularly meets.

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    As John prepares for his final mission with Thomas, things take a dark turn. In a moment of confusion caused by his deteriorating memory, John accidentally kills an innocent woman during the mission. To cover up his mistake, he also unintentionally shoots and kills Thomas.

    Now, John has to deal with the aftermath of his actions while also planning for his retirement. The pressure mounts as the police investigate the deaths, putting John’s past and future in jeopardy.

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    Why Does Miles Suddenly Decide To Visit His Father?

    Knox is making plans for the future. He meets with his accountant, who helps him manage his money. Knox has a lot of valuable things, like rare paintings and diamonds, which he keeps hidden in his house.

    He wants to split all his wealth into three parts after he dies and give it to his family. Even though he hasn’t talked to his family for many years, he still loves them and remembers the good times they had together.

    Knox used to be close to his son, Miles when Miles was young. But when Miles found out that Knox was doing illegal things, he didn’t want anything to do with him.

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    Knox’s marriage to Miles’ mom, Ruby, ended around the same time, so he lost touch with his son.

    It seems that Knox had tried to get in touch with Miles a few times over the past few years, but Miles wasn’t interested in having any relationship with him anymore. This was because Miles had grown up and started his own family.

    So, when Miles unexpectedly shows up at his father’s door, Knox doesn’t recognize him at first. It’s been many years since they last saw each other, and Miles looks quite different now. On top of that, Knox’s memory has been deteriorating even more over time.

    However, through their conversation, Knox eventually realizes that the stranger at his door is actually his son, Miles, and he welcomes him inside.

    Naturally, Knox asks Miles about the blood on his hands, and it turns out that the reason for Miles’ sudden visit is tied to this question.

    Once, Miles got really mad at Palmer in public when they bumped into each other at a restaurant. He even attacked him! But Kaylee didn’t care. She thought her dad was just trying to mess up her relationship with Palmer, so she kept seeing him.

    Miles couldn’t stand it anymore, so he went to Palmer’s house to talk to him. He warned Palmer to stay away from his daughter, but Palmer was rude and didn’t care about what he said. Miles got super angry and stabbed Palmer with a kitchen knife.

    He didn’t stop there, though. He kept hurting Palmer until he died. Suddenly, Miles was a killer, with a dead body to deal with and a big mess to clean up. He knew he needed help, so he went to his dad, Knox.

    Even though they hadn’t talked in years, Miles knew Knox was the only one who could help him get rid of the body and clean up the mess.

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    Why Did Knox Plant False Evidence?

    John Knox decides to help his friend Miles, who’s facing some tough times. He goes to Andrew Palmer’s house, where there’s a dead body, and cleans up the scene.

    But instead of getting rid of key evidence like the murder weapon and a glass touched by Miles, Knox keeps them. He even tampers with security camera footage to hide Miles’ presence.

    Later, the police suspect Knox of the murders because of a gun link. Knox, however, frames Miles for Palmer’s murder.

    He plants Miles’ blood and fingerprints on items from the crime scene and even puts Palmer’s blood on Miles’ shirt.

    Knox then ensures the police find these items, claiming revenge because he thought Miles had snitched on him in the past.

    But it turns out Knox’s actions were part of a bigger plan. He wanted to protect Miles. The planted evidence is so obviously fake that the police see through it.

    Plus, Knox’s mobster friend tips off the police, blaming Knox for the murder. This leads to Knox being arrested, and Miles is set free.

    What Happens to Knox in “Knox Goes Away”?

    In the ending of “Knox Goes Away,” it’s revealed that Knox planned to make it look like he was the one who killed Palmer all along. He wanted to make sure the police wouldn’t suspect his son, Miles.

    During this time, Knox’s lover, Annie, betrayed him. She told some local criminals about the money Knox had in his house, leading them to rob him.

    Knox managed to fight off the criminals but spared Annie’s life. He even told her she would get a share of his money.

    Later, Xavier tells the police about the extra killings Knox did to protect himself and his son. Because of this, the police arrest Knox for the murders. It wasn’t a surprise that Knox would take the blame for Palmer’s murder to save his son, Miles.

    That’s exactly what happened. While Knox is in jail, his money is split between his wife, Ruby, and Miles. Annie gets cut off from the will.

    As Knox spends time in jail and later in a mental health facility, he loses his memory. He’s slowly dying, and by the end, he has no memory of his crimes or the good deed he did to protect his son.

    The story ends with Knox at the facility, unaware of his troubled past or the redemption he achieved by trying to be a better father.

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