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    “Monkey Man” Film Summary & Ending Explained

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    Dev Patel’s first film as a director, Monkey Man, has faced many challenges during its making, and its release in India has been uncertain.

    The movie tells the story of Kid, played by Patel himself, who is on a mission to avenge his mother’s death since he was a child.

    The kid faces the injustices of society, where money makes the rules, as he pursues his quest.

    Along the way, he learns more about those responsible for his mother’s death. While Monkey Man may not have a complex plot or deep symbolism, it’s still enjoyable to watch because of its action-packed scenes.

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    What is this Movie All About?

    Monkey Man begins with a flashback showing a young kid deeply engrossed in listening to a mythological tale narrated by his dear mother.

    The story revolves around Hanuman, a Hindu deity, who mistakenly consumes the sun, mistaking it for a ripe mango. This act of bravery attracts the kid, who idolizes Hanuman.

    However, his admiration turns to sorrow upon learning how the other gods punished Hanuman for his boldness.

    Now, the kid is all grown up, dealing with his mom’s death and trying to figure out life on his own.

    The kid, who lives in a made-up Indian city called Yatana, isn’t having an easy life there. Even though his ancestral village is nearby, city life is tough for him.

    He works as a wrestler, fighting in secret matches at an underground club owned by a foreign guy named Tiger.

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    Despite things changing around him, Kid still loves the monkey god. That’s why he wears a monkey mask during his fights.

    One night, Kid gets badly beaten by King Kobra, a tough wrestler at Tiger’s Club. Everyone at the club has animal names. Tiger arranges fights for secret bets. The kid’s supposed to lose on purpose so Tiger can make money.

    The Kid is always on the lookout for clues about who caused his mom’s death. One day, a young boy tells him something important.

    It’s about Police Chief Rana Singh, who hangs out at a club called Kings a lot. This kid found out about the owner of the club, Queenie Kapoor.

    So, the next day, the Kid uses his connections in the slums to grab Queenie’s purse. He does this to create a chance to meet her.

    Finally, he gets into the club, which is only for rich people. The Kid asks Queenie for a job in the restaurant kitchen, and she agrees.

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    That’s the first step, but he still needs to get to the private floors Rana goes to. He gets his chance when he meets a strange guy named Alphonso in the kitchen.

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    What Made Kid’s Plan to Kill Rana Go Wrong?

    During his first day at Kings’ restaurant, Kid meets Alphonso, who tries to chat with him. But Kid, being focused and determined, ignores him.

    However, Kid’s attitude changes when he finds out Alphonso is a gangster connected to Queenie Kapoor. Alphonso can get Kid to the upper floors where his target, Rana Singh, often hangs out.

    So, Kid befriends him by suggesting a bet at Tiger’s Temple. Slowly, Kid gains Alphonso’s trust and gets access to the upper floors.

    At the club, Kid discovers Rana Singh spends most of his time on the VIP floor, where drugs like cocaine are common.

    The kid had a gun, but he didn’t know how to hide it because everyone had to pass through a safety check.

    He solves this by training a street dog to carry the gun into the club’s alley. Monkey Man’s story resembles “John Wick” movies, especially with the dog’s role, but the film doesn’t shy away from acknowledging the similarity.

    On that night, the Kid heads to the club and goes up to the VIP floor pretending to be a waiter. He manages to catch Rana alone in the restroom after spiking the villain’s cocaine with bleach.

    Armed with a gun, he confronts the corrupt police chief. But things go downhill fast for the Kid. He’s not ready for the tough cop, and soon the gun is out of the picture, leaving them to brawl it out.

    The Kid fails to carry out his plan to take down Rana. With Rana still on his trail, the Kid has to make a quick exit from the club. He hops onto Alphonso’s rickshaw to flee, but the police are already on the lookout for him.

    Just when it seems like he might escape, a sniper on a police chopper shoots him down, and he tumbles into a nearby stream, passing out.

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    Why Does Alpha Stand Up for the Kid?

    Kid, after facing a dangerous injury from a gunshot and a big fall, gets rescued and taken care of by Alpha, who is a leader in the Hijra community.

    They live in an old place that doubles as a temple where they worship Ardhanarishwara, a deity that represents both masculinity and femininity.

    As Kid gets better, they become friends, and Alpha explains the significance of the temple and the deity.

    The movie, Monkey Man, subtly includes Hindu deities and stories to convey its message. It shows how some people misuse religion and extremism for their selfish reasons.

    But it also emphasizes that the true essence of Hindu culture and religion supports goodness, as represented by Kid and his friends.

    In “Monkey Man,” the character Kid is like Hanuman, the mighty deity from Hindu mythology. Kid fights against corruption just like Hanuman fought for good in the Ramayana.

    Hanuman ripping his chest open in the legend is similar to Kid’s action in the movie. It’s like showing what’s deeply important to them.

    In Hanuman’s case, it was images of his mentor Ram and his wife Sita. For Kid, it’s his bond with his mother and the pain of losing her.

    At the end of “Monkey Man,” when Kid destroys the King club, it’s like Hanuman destroying Lanka. Both are driven by love and loss.

    Dev Patel, the director, mixes religious stories with social issues in the movie. He wants to show how myths and society’s outcasts join forces.

    Kid, a social outcast, teams up with the hijra community, who face even worse rejection in Indian society.

    The hijra community, made up of transgender and eunuch individuals, often gets abandoned by their families. Society is slowly starting to accept them, but it’s still a struggle.

    In “Monkey Man,” characters like Alpha are pushed to the margins of society, just like the hijra community.

    Their temple is under threat from a religious leader, showing how even their safe spaces aren’t secure.

    In the movie, the hijras see Kid as someone like them who has faced rejection from society’s big shots. They decide to help him train for his battle because they genuinely care.

    Eventually, they even join Kid in the fight, partly because Kid donated money to save their temple compound.

    The kid’s struggle against the rich and powerful is like a spark of hope for all those who’ve been ignored and oppressed.

    That’s why the hijras decide to step in and help bring down the thugs at the King’s Club.

    What’s fascinating is how Sita, a sex worker at the club, finds her courage and stands up against Queenie, one of the club’s bosses.

    She was troubled by her situation before but didn’t know what to do until she saw Kid and others taking a stand.

    It’s symbolic that Kid, who deeply worships Hanuman, helps rescue Sita from her troubles and empowers her to speak up for herself.

    Did Kid Get His Payback in the End?

    So, towards the end of “Monkey Man,” we finally find out why Kid is so angry. It turns out that his mom and the whole village got wiped out by the corrupt police chief, Rana Singh.

    This was all ordered by the fake guru, Baba Shakti, who had been pretending to be a godman for years.

    Baba Shakti wanted to build a factory, but he called it a worship place, where his workers, whom he called devotees, slaved away for barely any money.

    To do this, he needed a big piece of land, and Kid’s village happened to be right in the way. When scaring the villagers didn’t work, Rana Singh attacked the whole village, so Baba Shakti could get his hands on the land.

    So, the Kid’s main target is Baba Shakti. Rana is just the first step. After some intense training and learning to deal with his past, Kid launches another attack on the King Club, on Diwali, a day when good beats evil.

    This time, both the corrupt politician and Baba Shakti are there. Kid goes straight for Rana Singh, giving him a taste of his own medicine for what he did to Kid’s mom.

    Then, he heads up to confront Baba Shakti.

    But Baba Shakti doesn’t feel sorry for what he did. He compares himself to Ravana from the Ramayana, saying evil needs to exist.

    Then he tries to stab Kid, but Kid fights back, eventually killing Baba Shakti. The kid feels satisfied that he got his revenge, but he’s badly hurt.

    As he remembers his mom, he collapses, the camera showing a painting of good winning over evil, just like in the Ramayana.

    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

    What Are Some Challenges Faced by Dev Patel’s “Monkey Man”?

    Dev Patel’s directorial debut, “Monkey Man,” encountered several obstacles during production, including financial and logistical issues, as well as uncertainty surrounding its release in India.

    Who is the Protagonist in “Monkey Man” and What Motivates Him?

    The protagonist of “Monkey Man” is Kid, portrayed by Dev Patel himself. He is driven by a singular mission: to avenge his mother’s death, which occurred during his childhood.

    What Social Issues Does Kid Encounter in “Monkey Man”?

    Kid faces the injustices of society, particularly concerning financial disparity, as he navigates his quest for vengeance in a city where money dictates power and influence.

    What Role Does Hindu Mythology Play in “Monkey Man”?

    The film incorporates elements of Hindu mythology, particularly the story of Hanuman, the monkey god. The kid’s admiration for Hanuman influences his actions and decisions throughout the movie.

    Who are Some Key Characters in “Monkey Man”?

    Key characters in the film include Kid, Tiger, Queenie Kapoor, Police Chief Rana Singh, and Alphonso, each contributing to the storyline in significant ways.

    What is Kid’s Strategy to Take Down Rana Singh in “Monkey Man”?

    Kid devises a plan to confront Rana Singh by infiltrating the club where the corrupt police chief frequents, ultimately aiming to take justice into his own hands.

    How Does Kid’s Plan to Kill Rana Singh Go Awry?

    Despite careful planning, Kid’s attempt to eliminate Rana Singh encounters complications, leading to an intense confrontation that jeopardizes his mission.

    What Role Does the Hijra Community Play in “Monkey Man”?

    The hijra community, represented by characters like Alpha, provides support and refuge for Kid after he faces adversity, highlighting themes of acceptance and solidarity amidst societal rejection.

    What Symbolism is Present in “Monkey Man”?

    The film incorporates symbolism from Hindu mythology and societal struggles to convey themes of justice, resilience, and the triumph of good over evil.

    Does Kid Achieve His Goal of Revenge in the End?

    Kid’s journey culminates in a confrontation with the mastermind behind his mother’s death, ultimately achieving his goal of revenge but not without facing significant challenges and personal sacrifices along the way.

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