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    “Article 370” Film Summary & Ending Explained

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    Aditya Suhas Jambhale‘s “Article 370” tells a story inspired by real-life incidents, although it takes some creative liberties.

    Names of characters and certain events are fictionalized to add drama and keep the audience hooked.

    The film explains about the reasons behind the Indian government’s decision to revoke Article 370 of the Indian Constitution, which granted special status to Jammu and Kashmir.

    Let’s analyze the storyline and explore how the Indian government accomplished this historic milestone.

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    Can Zooni Haksar’s Bold Actions Bring Stability to Jammu and Kashmir?

    Zooni Haksar, working with the ID in Jammu and Kashmir, found out about Burhan Wani’s plan to celebrate Id in Kokernag.

    Khawar Ali, the boss, advised patience, relying on his backchannels. But Zooni, filled by her own convictions, teamed up with Yash Chauhan to take action.

    They raided Burhan’s hideout and eliminated him.

    However, instead of accolades, Zooni faced reprimand from Khawar, who feared upsetting the status quo in Jammu and Kashmir.

    Article 370
    Image Credits: NETFLIX

    Zooni’s motivation stemmed from her father’s tragic past. Framed in a scam and driven to suicide by the former CM of Jammu and Kashmir. This fight was deeply personal for her.

    Recognizing the need for substantial political reform in the region, Zooni felt thwarted by traditional approaches like Khawar’s.

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    The aftermath of Burhan’s death saw Zakir Naikoo rising as a new separatist leader, inciting chaos.

    Rajeshwari Swaminathan, from the PMO, sought Zooni’s leadership for a covert mission to address the escalating crisis.

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    Who’s Behind the Terror Funds?

    Zooni was on a mission to hunt down the big-shot funder behind all the terrorist chaos in the state. Her radar pointed towards this guy named Shamsher Abdali, a dry fruit seller who used to play both sides of the field for Khawar.

    The funny thing was, Khawar thought Abdali was his golden goose, but turns out Abdali was the real mastermind here.

    The dude was making big money selling dry fruits in the black market and funneling it all to the terrorist gangs.

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    The new NIA squad busted their chops to track down Abdali and hauled him to Delhi, ’cause Rajeshwari didn’t want any risks keeping him close.

    Zooni blew her lid at Khawar for always getting in the way, whether on purpose or by accident, whenever they got close to cracking the case.

    Article 370
    Image Credits: NETFLIX

    Zooni, fed up with Khawar, suspended him. She didn’t want him messing with her plans anymore.

    Meanwhile, Jalal and the current CM, Parveen Andrabi, planned to team up, but the central government didn’t like that idea.

    They feared it would ruin their stability plans. So, they imposed the president’s rule in the state to stop them. But it backfired.

    On February 14, 2019, Adil Darr, released from prison at Khawar’s request, bombed a CRPF van and killed himself along with Yash Chauhan.

    Zooni mourned Yash, a dear friend who always stood by her. Khawar didn’t foresee the tragedy, and Zakir Naikoo seized the opportunity.

    The repercussions were grave, leaving Zooni furious at Khawar. She axed him from her operations, closing the chapter on their partnership.

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    Was Article 370’s Abolition Possible Through a Hidden Loophole?

    Rajeshwari’s squad stumbled upon a sneaky twist in the Article 370 saga. Back in 1957, the J&K constituent assembly folded up, leaving Article 370 seemingly untouchable.

    However, they dug deep and unearthed sub-clause D, a hidden gem. The article had been quietly amended post the assembly’s dissolution, sparking suspicions.

    Article 370
    Image Credits: NETFLIX

    According to Article 367, the president had the authority to decode any article, effectively transferring the constituent assembly’s powers to the state legislative assembly.

    By adopting this loophole, the legislative assembly made crucial alterations, concealing clause D from public scrutiny, and making it seem like 370 was off-limits.

    Zooni and Wasim stumbled upon the original document tucked away in the J&K secretariat library, swiftly dispatching it to the PMO.

    Their journey wasn’t without peril; they faced attacks but narrowly escaped. With the groundwork laid, the PM just needed to ensure that the bill to scrap Article 370, granting special status to Jammu and Kashmir, sailed through both houses of parliament.

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    Was the Removal of Article 370 a Strategic Victory for the Central Government?

    The plot thickened when Zakir Naikoo cooked up a scheme to make it seem like he was targeting the governor of J&K, but his real target was ex-CM Jalal.

    He aimed to shift blame to the central government for Jalal’s demise and draw attention from international bodies like the US.

    Zooni and her crew were oblivious until they sensed something fishy en route to the governor’s residence.

    Trusting her gut, Zooni redirected her team to safeguard Jalal, fully aware of the risks. It was a risky move, but she knew the stakes.

    While Zooni orchestrated her plan, the home minister hustled to pass the bill in Rajya Sabha, opting for a strategic move despite having a majority in Lok Sabha.

    By blindsiding the opposition, they aimed to avoid any chance of resistance, catching everyone off guard.

    In a cinematic twist, Zooni took down Naikoo just as the bill cleared the lower house. On August 5, 2019, Article 370 bid adieu, marking a historic change.

    The valley saw a welcome wave of peace, with violence taking a backseat. The central government clinched a monumental victory, delivering on their pledge.

    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

    What Was the Inspiration Behind “Article 370”?

    Aditya Suhas Jambhale’s “Article 370” draws inspiration from real-life events while taking creative liberties to craft a compelling narrative.

    Are the Characters in the Film Real or Fictional?

    The names of characters and certain events in the film are fictionalized to enhance drama and captivate the audience.

    Why Was Article 370 Removed?

    The film explores the reasons behind the Indian government’s decision to revoke Article 370 of the Indian Constitution, which granted special status to Jammu and Kashmir.

    Who Is Zooni Haksar and What Role Does She Play?

    Zooni Haksar, working with the ID in Jammu and Kashmir, is a central character motivated by personal convictions to bring stability to the region.

    What Was Zooni’s Motivation Behind Her Actions?

    Zooni’s motivation stemmed from her father’s tragic past, driving her to seek substantial political reform in the region.

    Who Was Behind the Terrorist Funding?

    Shamsher Abdali, a seemingly innocuous dry fruit seller, was revealed to be the mastermind behind terrorist funding, orchestrating chaos in the state.

    Why Did the Central Government Impose the President’s Rule in J&K?

    The central government imposed the President’s rule in Jammu and Kashmir to thwart alliances that could jeopardize their stability plans.

    How Was Article 370 Abolished?

    Through a hidden loophole discovered by Rajeshwari’s squad, Article 370 was abolished using strategic amendments and political maneuvering in parliament.

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