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    Exciting Features in iOS 17.4: What’s New for iPhone Users

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    • iOS 17.4 brings big changes for EU users, allowing access to third-party app stores and alternative browsers.
    • Everyone gets new emojis, podcast transcripts, and improved device protection.
    • iPhone 15 users get battery details, while Siri gets smarter with language options for message reading.

    Apple has just released the iOS 17.4 update for all iPhone users, bringing a bunch of cool stuff, especially for those in the European Union.

    The new update is all about following Europe’s strict Digital Markets Act (DMA) rules, and it’s got some exciting changes like being able to get apps from other places, new emojis, picking your favorite browser, and making things more secure.

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    More Places to Get Apps

    More Places to Get Apps
    Image Credits: Apple

    Now you can get apps from other places besides the regular Apple App Store.

    This means more choices for you!

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    Also, app makers can now let you buy stuff in their apps in different ways, not just through the App Store.

    Pick Your Browser

    If you’re in the EU, you can now pick which browser you want to use as your default one.

    So, if you like Chrome or Firefox better than Safari, you can make that your main browser.

    NFC for Other Apps:

    Developers in the EU can now use NFC (the tech behind contactless payments) in their apps, like banking or wallet apps.

    This means you might be able to pay for stuff with your phone using different apps, not just Apple Pay.

    New Emojis:

    Apple’s adding 28 new emojis, like a mushroom, phoenix, or a broken chain.

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    Also, they can face any way you want them to! So if you’re texting your friends and you want to show how you’re feeling with emojis, you’ve got some new ones to play with.

    Notarization for Apps:

    This is a new security thing Apple’s doing to keep your phone safe from bad stuff. It’s like an extra check to make sure apps are okay to use and won’t harm your phone.

    It’s a way to fight against scams and harmful content.

    Plus, developers can ask Apple for more features for their apps, which could make them even cooler!

    Overall, iOS 17.4 brings some neat and new stuff. Whether you’re in the EU or not, there’s something for everyone.

    So, update your iPhone and enjoy these cool new features!

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