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    India Tightens Control Over AI Tools: Approval Required Before Release

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    • The Indian government requires approval before releasing AI tools.
    • Tools must be labeled if they might give wrong answers.
    • AI tools should not interfere with elections.

    India has told tech companies that before they release any new artificial intelligence tools, they need to get permission from the Indian government.

    This includes tools that are still being tested or might not always give the right answers.

    The government also wants these tools to be labeled to let people know they might not be accurate all the time.

    Tech companies need to ask permission from the Indian government before letting people in India use AI tools like generative AI.

    This rule is because countries all over the world are making rules to control AI. India is also making rules for social media companies because many people in India use them.

    The government’s advice came after a top minister criticized Google’s Gemini AI tool. Some people say Prime Minister Narendra Modi‘s policies are like a fascist.

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    Google said its tool might not always give the right answers, especially about current events and politics. The deputy IT minister said platforms have to be safe and reliable according to the law.

    India also wants to make sure AI tools don’t affect elections. India will have elections soon, and the government doesn’t want AI to influence the voting process. T

    The Indian government wants to control the release of AI tools in India. They want to make sure these tools are safe and accurate, especially during elections.

    This is because AI can sometimes give wrong information, which could affect people’s decisions, like who they vote for.

    Tech companies need to follow these rules if they want to release AI tools in India. They have to get permission from the government first and make sure their tools are labeled if they’re not always accurate.

    This is important to keep people safe and make sure elections are fair.

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