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    “Disappear Completely” Ending Explained: Can Santiago Be Saved by the Sacrifice?

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    Disappear Completely” isn’t your typical scary movie with jump scares. Instead, it’s a slow-burn thriller that’ll send shivers down your spine. The story follows Santiago, a photojournalist who goes to extreme lengths to regain his lost senses.

    Unlike traditional horror films that rely on spooky locations or supernatural elements, this one focuses on something much closer: the human body.

    When you’re healthy, you take your senses for granted. But when even a small problem arises, it can cause major panic. Santiago was so focused on his career that he didn’t see the disaster coming his way.

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    What led to Santiago’s situation?

    Santiago took pictures of sad things but made them special with his style. He wanted his photos in galleries but felt sad when they said no. Still, he kept taking photos even when his life wasn’t going well.

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    When Senator Cortes was found dead, Santiago rushed to take pictures. Sneaking inside, he saw the body on the floor, which was strange. The police said the body had been there a long time, attracting rats.

    They said the senator had gone crazy and fired everyone. Then they heard a noise, just more rats. Suddenly, the “dead” senator moved and begged for death. He wasn’t dead at all, which was weird, especially with rats eating him while he was alive.

    "Disappear Completely" Ending Explained

    After Santiago got the pictures he wanted, he left. On his way home, someone attacked him. When he woke up, his cameras were gone. When Santiago got home, he had strange dreams. When he woke up, he couldn’t smell anything.

    Santiago went to work as usual. He took photos of dead bodies again. The police officers complained about the smell, but Santiago didn’t notice it.

    He was alone when a body suddenly moved towards him. Santiago had a seizure, but the paramedics said he was fine.

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    The morning after, Santiago couldn’t taste anything, and his girlfriend Marcela, a nurse, checked him but found him okay. The doctor thought it might be stress, but Santiago knew it wasn’t in his head.

    Marcela figured it was because she told him about her pregnancy. Santiago got home, his dog Zombie nipped him when he tried to move him. Santiago didn’t pay much attention then, but later, he found something important under the cabinet.

    He started to think he might’ve caught something from the senator. Disguised as a doctor, Santiago visited the hospital where the senator was.

    He was shocked to see he had the same symptoms as Senator Raul Cortes Vargas, now in a coma. Santiago feared he’d end up like him.

    The next morning, Santiago noticed something odd happening with his sense of touch. To his surprise, he stumbled upon a mysterious object hidden beneath his kitchen cabinet. This discovery turned out to be key to understanding his condition.

    Later, he learned that he had been cursed by someone, and all the strange experiences he was having were a result of that curse.

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    Can Santiago Be Saved by the Sacrifice?

    After Santiago found something strange in his kitchen, he met Leonor. He showed her the thing and she told him to open it. Inside was a note written in blood, saying his life would be in darkness. Leonor said Santiago was in danger because he messed with the wrong person.

    "Disappear Completely" Ending Explained

    The curse was serious, and Leonor couldn’t fix it. She knew someone who could help, but Santiago needed a lot of money—100,000 pesos. At first, Santiago hesitated, but when he lost his sense of touch, he believed the ritual was his only hope.

    Santiago sold his camera and gear to gather money. He drugged his dog, Zombie, thinking he needed to sacrifice another life. With Leonor’s help, they went to a faraway village. Santiago began seeing things during the ritual.

    He sacrificed Zombie, hoping it would save him. But it didn’t work. Santiago’s hearing got messed up. Leonor said the man who did the ritual died. She thought nobody could save Santiago. She suggested he spend time with loved ones.

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    The Culprit Behind the Curse

    After Santiago took photos of the senator, strange things started happening to him. He felt like he was going crazy. When he looked at the photos again, he saw a weird shadow. Later, when he went back to the senator’s house, he found a spooky object that looked like witchcraft stuff.

    This made him think that someone put a curse on the senator. Santiago thought it might be Elena Castellanos, a politician who benefited from the senator’s troubles. But why would Santiago be targeted? Because he took a photo of the shadowy figure, which could expose Castellanos’s secrets.

    Santiago searched online and found articles about Castellanos using witchcraft. He even found a source who used to work for Castellanos and confirmed her involvement in the occult. The source warned Santiago that he was in danger.

    Determined to solve the mystery, Santiago followed a lead to a remote place where someone important supposedly lived.

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    The Ending

    In a deep part of the forest lived a person who practiced black magic. Santiago went into the person’s home and saw many pictures on the wall, all showing people affected by black magic.

    Shockingly, Santiago found his own photo attached to a voodoo doll, proving Leonor was right. While Santiago was in the woods, he saw a man with long hair wearing a satanic mask doing strange rituals.

    Santiago fainted briefly, and when he woke up, the strange man was there. Santiago pleaded with the man to remove the curse, and in the end, the man agreed, but with a condition: Santiago had to sacrifice Marcela’s unborn child.

    The man gave Santiago a potion whose purpose was unclear. It could either help Santiago harm Marcela and the baby or only target the baby.

    Santiago had to choose between his own life and the baby’s. He poured the potion into his tea at home, but his condition worsened, and he could barely move. Marcela, unaware of what was happening, welcomed Santiago home happily.

    In the final scene of “Disappear Completely,” there is no sound to highlight Santiago’s deafness. Marcela, emotional and possibly blaming herself, might have been considering an abortion, thinking Santiago couldn’t handle fatherhood.

    It’s unclear if Santiago told her the truth, but it’s possible Marcela was willing to sacrifice the baby for him and drank the tea. Or she might have been unaware and drank it instinctively.

    Marcela was happy about her pregnancy, hoping it would improve their strained relationship, but Santiago disagreed. He never wanted children and opposed Marcela’s decision to keep the baby. Ironically, the curse helped him make the difficult choice for Marcela.

    In the end, Santiago prioritized Marcela’s happiness over his own life, refusing to harm the baby or Marcela. The curse made him see beyond himself, choosing to protect his family.

    Even if he had chosen himself, the guilt would have been unbearable. Santiago’s dreams remained unfulfilled, but he found hope in his unborn child.

    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

    What Led to Santiago’s Condition?

    Santiago’s troubles began after he photographed Senator Cortes’ mysterious death. Strange occurrences followed, indicating a curse was placed upon him, likely due to his involvement in exposing political corruption.

    Can Santiago Be Saved by Sacrifice?

    Despite attempts to lift the curse through rituals and sacrifices, Santiago’s condition worsened. The ultimate sacrifice proposed involved Marcela’s unborn child. Santiago faced a moral dilemma but chose to protect his family at any cost.

    Who was Behind the Curse?

    The curse stemmed from Santiago’s involvement in uncovering political scandals. Suspicions pointed towards Elena Castellanos, a politician linked to witchcraft. Santiago’s photography exposed secrets that threatened Castellanos, making him a target.

    What Happened in the Final Scene?

    In the climactic ending, Santiago confronts the black magic practitioner responsible for his plight. Offered a choice between his own life and Marcela’s unborn child, Santiago made a sacrificial decision, prioritizing his family’s well-being.

    Did Santiago Find Redemption?

    Despite the hardships and sacrifices, Santiago found redemption in protecting Marcela and their unborn child. Through selflessness, he transcended his desires, ultimately finding hope in the possibility of a better future for his family.

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