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    Who Is Chloe Guidry? 4 Interesting Facts About the Rising Star of “Under the Bridge”

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    • Chloe Guidry, rising star of “Under the Bridge,” began her acting journey with a small role in “Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser” in 2015.
    • She showcased her talent in Amazon Prime Video’s “The Last Tycoon” as Sally Sweet, drawing inspiration from Shirley Temple.
    • Guidry’s portrayal of Josephine Bell in “Under the Bridge” highlights her ability to embody complex characters, while her adorable dog Mae adds a touch of warmth to her off-screen life.

    Chloe Guidry has become a name on everyone’s lips after her charming performance in Hulu’s latest hit series, “Under the Bridge.

    But who is this rising star? Here are four key things to know about Chloe Guidry and her journey in the entertainment industry.

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    Chloe Guidry Small Beginnings to Big Screens

    Chloe Guidry’s journey in acting began with a small yet impactful role in the 2015 film “Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser.

    Chloe Guidry

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    Guidry, from Crowley, Louisiana, played Dakota, Joe Dirt’s daughter. Although her screen time was brief, her portrayal left a great impression as she braved a tornado alongside her on-screen family.

    This led to the great beginning of Guidry’s promising acting career.

    Chloe in “The Last Tycoon”

    In 2016, Chloe Guidry stepped into the glamour of 1930s Hollywood with her role as Sally Sweet in Amazon Prime Video’s “The Last Tycoon.”

    The show explores Hollywood during the Great Depression, based on F. Scott Fitzgerald’s last novel.

    Chloe Guidry

    Guidry’s role of Sally Sweet, a character inspired by child star Shirley Temple, added depth to the narrative across four episodes.

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    In an interview, Guidry shared her admiration for Shirley Temple and her excitement for the role, showcasing her creativity as an actress.

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    Chloe’s Role in “Under the Bridge”

    In “Under the Bridge,” Chloe Guidry takes on the challenging role of Josephine Bell, a character whose complexity adds depth to the storyline.

    In her role as Josephine, Guidry balances being both friend and foe to Reena. Through meticulous research and personal introspection, Guidry brings Josephine to life, infusing her own experiences into the character.

    Set against the backdrop of the ’90s, Guidry finds herself immersed in a different era, yet she seamlessly connects with her character and the storyline.

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    Guidry also praises her co-stars Lily Gladstone and Riley Keough for their support and guidance on set, creating a welcoming environment for collaboration and growth.

    Chloe’s Furry Companion, Mae

    Beyond the glamour of Hollywood, Chloe Guidry finds comfort in the company of her beloved dog, Mae.

    Chloe Guidry

    Through her TikTok page, Guidry shares glimpses of her adorable companion, showcasing Mae’s playful antics and heartwarming moments.

    Snuggling in bed or exploring the outdoors, Mae brings joy and companionship to Guidry’s life, reminding us of the simple pleasures found in the bond between humans and pets.

    Connect with Her Online

    For fans eager to stay updated on Chloe Guidry’s adventures, social media provides a window into her world.

    Follow her on Instagram (@chloe_guidry) and TikTok (@chloe_annalynn) to catch glimpses of her life on and off the screen.

    And don’t forget to tune in to Hulu for the latest episodes of “Under the Bridge,” where Guidry’s talent shines brightly alongside an ensemble cast.

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