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    “A Journey” Film Summary & Ending Explained

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    In Netflix’s Filipino original A Journey, we witness the story of a woman battling cancer who decides to make a magic list of things she wants to do before bidding farewell to the world.

    With her husband Bryan and best friend Tupe by her side, they embark on a journey to fulfill her wishes. The journey begins with a lively karaoke night where Bryan sings his heart out to an old Filipino song, while Shane and Tupe laugh along.

    However, the atmosphere turns serious when Shane starts coughing up blood and has to go to the hospital. Having battled cancer before, Shane opts out of treatment upon learning she has a tumor in her chest.

    Instead, she chooses to seize the moment and do all the things she’s always wanted to do with Bryan. Although Bryan initially struggles with Shane’s decision, he eventually agrees to support her.

    Together, the trio sets off on an adventure that will leave a lasting impact on all of them.

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    What’s The Reason Behind The Trio’s Journey To Tasmania?

    In the Philippines, Shane and Bryan are tight pals with Tupe, a budding actor. Tupe’s in the middle of shooting a movie, with Bryan as his trusty assistant.

    But the day after Shane’s 39th birthday bash, Bryan’s a no-show at work, leaving Tupe to fend for himself. Tupe’s co-star is a young actress, and he’s excited to have some fun. Despite warnings about her gangster boyfriend, Tupe dives in headfirst.

    Things take a turn for the worse when the boyfriend and his crew show up unexpectedly. Tupe ends up taking a serious beating, sparking rumors that he’s been brutally injured.

    Luckily, the truth isn’t as bad, but he still ends up in the hospital, looking worse for wear.

    Once he’s back home and on the mend, Tupe confronts Bryan about his sudden absence. It’s then revealed that Shane’s cancer has returned, and this time, she’s decided against treatment.

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    Under the starless night sky, Tupe lets slip about their surprise trip to Tasmania, planned by both guys. Shane, unsure at first, agrees when she finds out they both thought of it.

    A Journey
    Image Credits: Netflix

    Their adventure kicks off with Shane sharing her special bucket list with Tupe. This leads to a visit to their old school, where memories of Shane and Bryan’s young love fill the air. Tupe, often feeling left out, soaks in the nostalgia.

    As they travel through Tasmania in a trailer, they get excited about seeing the famous little penguins. Their trip feels like a fun getaway, a chance to remember the good old days and feel young again.

    But amidst the fun, Bryan and Tupe conspire for a poignant surprise: locating Mr. T, Shane’s estranged father. With Tupe’s connections, they track him down, granting Shane a long-awaited reunion.

    Shane forgives her mom for splitting her from her dad, who now has another family. Reunited, they enjoy their time together, finding closure in family hugs.

    Shane’s dad suggests she needs treatment, which upsets her. Bryan and Tupe search for specialists in Australia, adding to the stress. Shane and Bryan argue, with Bryan feeling left out.

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    The next day, Shane bonds with her dad, who takes her to church. He expresses regret for missing out on walking her down the aisle and wants to make amends. Emotions run high as Bryan tears up while placing a ring, and they reconcile.

    Despite the tension, they’re all about love and staying together. Shane agrees to treatment, and after a rejuvenating trip, they return home content.

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    What Was The Reason Behind Bryan’s Collapse?

    Once back home, Shane and Bryan enjoyed a beautiful night together. Bryan collapsed suddenly while Shane prepared breakfast the next morning.

    It was an aneurysm, and Shane lost him in an instant. One moment, they giggled like little penguins, but the next, Bryan vanished forever. It was a shocking twist indeed. Bryan often said the journey mattered more than the destination.

    At the funeral, Shane shared how her own funeral plans became Bryan’s. Despite feeling utterly alone, Tupe urged her to continue chemotherapy as she had promised Bryan.

    Before his passing, Bryan even arranged for Shane’s favorite singer to visit their cozy café. It felt like a scene straight out of “P.S. I Love You.”

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    The Ending

    At the end of “A Journey,” Tupe decides to turn Bryan’s love story into a movie, which wins him an award. He thanks his two best friends for their constant support. Returning to Shane’s home, he finds her bedridden and frail.

    Tupe presents her with the award, acknowledging it’s for both of them. Shane confesses she can’t bear being away from Bryan any longer and needs to let go. Tupe, heartbroken, grants her the freedom to reunite with her husband, realizing a life of suffering isn’t worth it.

    He then returns to Tasmania, where, a year later, he honors his departed friends. While touring, he meets a woman who recognizes him as an actor and asks for a birthday message.

    Tupe, feeling a change within himself, invites her for coffee instead, hinting at his growth and readiness to move on from tragedy. The ending offers hope, leaving viewers rooting for Tupe’s happiness, just as Bryan and Shane once were.

    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

    What was the Reason behind the Trio’s Journey to Tasmania?

    The trio’s journey to Tasmania was prompted by Shane’s decision to create a bucket list of things she wanted to do before her time ended. Tasmania was chosen as the destination for its scenic beauty and the opportunity for Shane to fulfill her wishes alongside her husband, Bryan, and best friend, Tupe.

    What was the Reason behind Bryan’s Collapse?

    Bryan’s collapse was caused by an aneurysm, a sudden and fatal event. It occurred unexpectedly while Shane was preparing breakfast the morning after their return home from Tasmania. Despite enjoying a beautiful night together, Bryan’s sudden passing left Shane and Tupe devastated.

    Why did Shane Decide against Treatment for Her Cancer?

    Shane decided against treatment for her cancer because she had previously battled the disease and preferred to seize the moment rather than undergo further medical procedures. She wanted to spend her remaining time doing the things she loved with Bryan and Tupe, cherishing every moment.

    What Prompted Tupe to Turn Bryan’s Love Story into a Movie?

    Tupe decided to make a movie about Bryan’s love story because their journey together had a big impact on him. He won an award for the film and wanted to honor his two best friends by putting their story on screen. It was his way of celebrating their strong friendship and the special moments they had together.

    How Does the Ending of “A Journey” Portray Tupe’s Growth and Resilience?

    In the end of “A Journey,” we see Tupe growing stronger after losing Bryan and Shane. Even though he’s heartbroken, Tupe keeps going. When he meets a woman and asks her out for coffee, it shows he’s ready for new beginnings. It gives us hope that he’ll find happiness again, even after everything he’s been through.

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