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    “Parish” Finale Summary & Ending Explained: What Happened to Horse?

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    Gray was done with the endless cycle he found himself in. Throughout Parish, we witnessed his struggle to break free from it. He never intended to return to a life of crime, but circumstances pushed him into one last job.

    However, it only dragged him deeper into the mess. His primary motivation was to provide for his family, especially after losing a son.

    This loss weighed heavily on him, and he couldn’t shake off the trauma. If he could reveal his son’s killer and resolve things with the Tongais, what choices would he make for his future?

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    Who is the Real Killer?

    In the latest Parish episode, Gray was fed up with being manipulated. He decided to confront the man who killed his son, Travis. But Travis revealed that Laura Abidemi Smith and Antonio were involved. Gray’s rage intensified.

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    Gray sought answers from Horse, but Horse demanded his allegiance first. Frustrated,

    Gray turned to Hector, a figure in the underworld. Hector warned Gray about involving a man in Chicago, but Gray had no choice.

    Travis confessed his involvement, implicating Laura and Antonio. Gray spared Travis but sought vengeance against Antonio. He rammed Anton’s car and left him to perish in flames.

    As Antonio burned, Gray realized he couldn’t abide by others’ rules anymore. It was time to play on his own.

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    What Happened to Horse?

    In the climax of Parish episode 6, just as Gray was preparing to depart, a gunshot echoed, but the identity of the shooter remained a mystery.

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    Shamiso, however, was still breathing, seen awaiting her father’s arrival, who was compelled to flee his homeland and relocate to the United States due to the chaos caused by his son.

    This implies that either Zenzo or Horse met their demise. If the creators opt to continue the series with another season, we’ll know the truth.

    Initially, Horse had informed Gray that he’d reveal the killer’s identity if Gray fulfilled a task for him. Horse’s demand was for Gray to eliminate Zenzo, but Gray uncovered the killer’s name independently.

    Later, Horse and Shamiso confronted Vernon Beal, claiming to possess incriminating footage that could tarnish his reputation.

    Shamiso strategically involved Nyasa Mambo, aware of Vernon Beal’s capabilities. She anticipated capturing compromising footage of Vernon and Nyasa to use as leverage in the future.

    During the confrontation, Gray arrives at the Tongai mansion alongside Zenzo, stunning Horse upon discovering his brother’s survival.

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    Gray emphatically declared his refusal to continue cleaning up the Tongai family’s mess and left the gun on the table, insisting that the Tongais resolve their family issues independently, determined to break the cycle once and for all.

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    Season 2 Expectations

    In Parish season 2 (if it happens), we’ll learn about the destiny of Horse and Zenzo, and how their father handled the family troubles.

    Nyasa Mambo is still out there, and she might become a big player. Gray’s ending in Parish hints that he’s returning to his old life, driving around and doing what he’s best at.

    The power balance will change since Gray took out one of the key players, Antonio. The Tongai family’s head coming to America will bring its own problems.

    Laura’s shady dealings with Anton have come to light, suggesting she used his services for her own gain, maybe even funding her camping using his dirty money.

    The deal might involve giving him control over the labor business, previously held by the Tongai family.

    At the end of Parish episode 6, Rose and Gray’s daughter disappeared from the motel. We don’t know if they left on their own or were taken against their will.

    Gray still has a lot to sort out, and if there’s a second season, we’ll see how he faces challenges and charts his own path.

    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

    What Motivated Gray to Return to a Life of Crime?

    Gray’s primary motivation was to provide for his family, especially after the tragic loss of his son, which weighed heavily on him.

    Who Was Involved in the Killing of Gray’s Son?

    In the latest Parish episode, Gray discovered that Laura Abidemi Smith and Antonio were involved in the killing of his son, Travis.

    How Did Gray Seek Vengeance for His Son’s Death?

    Gray confronted Antonio, ultimately ramming his car and leaving him to perish in flames as retribution for his son’s death.

    What Happened to Horse in the Climax of Parish Episode 6?

    During the climax, a gunshot echoed, leaving Horse’s fate uncertain. If the series continues, we’ll find out whether he survived or not.

    What Task Did Horse Assign to Gray?

    Horse demanded Gray to eliminate Zenzo in exchange for revealing the killer’s identity, but Gray ultimately uncovered the truth independently.

    What Strategic Move Did Shamiso Make Regarding Vernon Beal?

    Shamiso involved Nyasa Mambo in a confrontation with Vernon Beal, anticipating capturing compromising footage to use as leverage in the future.

    How Did Gray React to Discovering Zenzo’s Survival?

    Gray arrived at the Tongai mansion alongside Zenzo, shocking Horse. He then declared his refusal to continue cleaning up the Tongai family’s mess and left the gun on the table.

    What Can We Expect from Nyasa Mambo in Season 2?

    Nyasa Mambo’s role is expected to become more significant in the next season as she continues to navigate the underworld’s complexities.

    Will Gray Continue to Navigate the Criminal World in Season 2?

    Gray’s ending in Parish suggests that he may return to his old life, driving around and engaging in criminal activities as he seeks to carve his own path.

    How Will the Power Dynamics Change in Season 2?

    With Antonio eliminated and the head of the Tongai family in the United States, the power dynamics within the criminal underworld are expected to shift, leading to new conflicts and alliances.

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