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    “Lootere” Series Recap & Ending Explained: Did the Crew of UK KYIVAL Survive?

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    • Title: Lootere
    • Director: Dharmesh Darshan
    • Writer: Dharmesh Darshan (story), Kamlesh Pandey (dialogues)
    • Screenplay: Rajiv Kaul, Praful Parekh
    • Producer: Suneel Darshan
    • Starring: Sunny Deol, Juhi Chawla, Naseeruddin Shah, Chunky Pandey, Anupam Kher, Pooja Bedi, Ajit Vachani
    • Cinematography: W. B. Rao
    • Music: Anand–Milind
    • Distributed by: Shree Krishna International
    • Release date: 2 April 1993
    • Country: India
    • Language: Hindi
    • Box office: ₹78 crores

    In the heart-stopping finale of Lootere, we witness the shocking demise of Barkhad, killed by his own brother due to the blame game over the ship attack and the loss of their crew.

    Locked in their rooms on the UK KYIVAL, the crew faces uncertain fates. Vikrant, who managed a risky escape with the ransom, feels compelled to return to save Ismael for his mother’s sake, even though Avi and Arya are pressuring him relentlessly.

    Image Credits: Disney+Hotstar

    Ghulam Waris, his unlikely ally, urges Vikrant to rescue the South Asian crew too.

    But Vikrant brushes it off, saying it’s not his problem. Waris reminds him of the looming threats from Al Muharib and Taufiq, warning that Vikrant’s business is as good as dead.

    To survive, Vikrant must win Waris over, and that means rescuing the Indian sailors. With limited choices, Vikrant reluctantly agrees, knowing his life depends on it.

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    Did Kumbe kill Satwinder?

    Kumbe brings Ayesha to meet Satwinder and her newborn baby. But shockingly, Kumbe ends up killing Satwinder, leaving Ayesha to care for the baby.

    It seems like Jay Mehta wanted to show just how evil the pirates were by having them mistreat one woman and murder another.

    Meanwhile, Faizal, a key leader of Al Muharib, suspects a link between Ismael and Vikrant.

    He manipulates Ismael into believing that Vikrant stole their money, conveniently leaving out his own attempt to have Vikrant killed for it.

    Image Credits: Disney+Hotstar

    When Vikrant pleads with Faizal to spare Ismael, Faizal shoots Ismael, enraging Vikrant. On another front, Taufiq seizes control of the Port Authority and seeks assistance from General Walid.

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    As chaos erupts aboard the UK KYIVAL, pirates set fire to the ship, causing smoke to fill the air and endanger the crew. While Captain Singh manages to escape his cabin, others aren’t as lucky.

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    Did the Crew of UK KYIVAL Survive?

    At the very beginning of Lootere, if I am not wrong, I think it was AK Singh who had prophesied that these kinds of situations don’t end well for the sailors whom the pirates have captured, and, well, that’s proven to be true.

    AK Singh manages to get some of the crew members out of the ship. By the time he gets to the rest of them, he finds out that they have suffocated and died.

    Image Credits: Disney+Hotstar

    Vikrant boards the UK KYIVAL and starts searching for Ismael. He runs into Singh, and the latter tells him that the ship is going to blow up and they’ve to evacuate immediately.

    Vikrant, Singh, Gulrez, Ruhan, and Zafar manage to clear the blast zone while the UK KYIVAL goes up in flames.

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    Waris arrives to take Singh, Gulrez, Ruhan, and Zafar to safety, while Vikrant heads home. Walid informs Vikrant that his family is in danger, and since Walid refuses Taufiq’s order to kill Vikrant’s family, he is in danger too, and he is leaving Somalia.

    Walid tells Vikrant to do the same. Vikrant tries to crack a deal with Taufiq but fails because Taufiq won’t stop until Vikrant’s bloodline is wiped out.

    Waris and the sailors fail to convince the armed guards at a checkpost to let them pass, which leads to a lengthy car chase through the narrow roads of Somalia. Eventually, they are cornered and seemingly killed.

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    The Ending of Lootere

    If you still can’t see it, I can’t help you. I think I’ve already mentioned that the writing in this entire show is very misogynistic. And if you were doubting me in any way, the proof is right in front of you now.

    Anyway, Vikrant, Arya, and Ahmer disappear into the forest to leave Somalia for good. Vikrant says that the process won’t be easy and that he regrets his decision to partake in the illegal trade of arms for the Al Muharib to strengthen his position as the President of the Port Authority.

    Talking about the Al Muharib, during the concluding moments of the show, we see Faizal and his team blowing up a police station, while Faizal menacingly looks at the camera.

    I guess that means he and the Al Muharib are going to rule over Somalia. The whole endeavor ends up amounting to nothing because Al Muharib becomes the ruler without the consignment that Vikrant was getting for them.

    Image Credits: Disney+Hotstar

    In Lootere’s ending, Vikrant informs Jamila that Ismael has passed away, and she breaks down. The men sent by Taufiq attack Vikrant’s house.

    Ahmer holds them back. Vikrant joins him. The men manage to take out a lot of the infiltrators. Ahmer gets injured. Jamila dies, and Avi ends up biting the dust as well.

    So, I suppose the message that the show wants to send is that you should win elections honestly and don’t resort to corrupt methods.

    If Lootere gets a Season 2, I think we’ll see what measures the Somalian government takes to defeat the Al Muharib.

    We’ll probably see what is in store for Bilaal, Ayesha, and Satwinder’s child. And of course, we’ll know if Vikrant has learned his lesson or if he is going back for more amidst the chaotic situation in Somalia.

    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

    Did Al Muharib Take Over Somalia?

    Yes, it seems that Al Muharib’s influence in Somalia has grown significantly by the end of “Lootere,” especially with Faizal and his team’s destructive actions, indicating their intention to rule over the country.

    Did Kumbe kill Satwinder?

    Yes, Kumbe indeed kills Satwinder, leaving Ayesha to care for her newborn baby alone. This act highlights the brutality of the pirates and their disregard for human life.

    Did the Crew of UK KYIVAL Survive?

    Unfortunately, most of the crew members aboard the UK KYIVAL perish in the fire caused by the pirates. Only a few, including AK Singh and Vikrant’s allies, manage to escape the ship before it explodes.

    What happens to Vikrant and his family?

    Vikrant’s family faces danger as Taufiq orders their elimination. With the help of General Walid, Vikrant is informed of the threat and decides to leave Somalia to ensure their safety, realizing that Taufiq won’t stop until his bloodline is wiped out.

    What fate befalls Vikrant’s allies?

    Vikrant’s allies, including Waris and the sailors, face a tragic end as they are cornered and seemingly killed during a lengthy car chase through the narrow roads of Somalia.

    What is the message of the show “Lootere”?

    The show emphasizes the importance of winning elections honestly and avoiding corrupt methods, showcasing the consequences of Vikrant’s illicit activities and the rise of ruthless individuals like Faizal and Taufiq.

    Will there be a Season 2 of “Lootere”?

    While it’s uncertain if there will be a Season 2, if it does happen, viewers can expect to see how the Somalian government responds to the threat posed by Al Muharib, as well as the future of characters like Bilaal, Ayesha, and Satwinder’s child, and whether Vikrant learns from his experiences or gets pulled back into the chaos of Somalia.

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