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    Apple Faces €1.84 Billion EU Fine: Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney Reacts

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    • Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney criticizes Apple’s response to EU fine.
    • Apple fined €1.84 billion for anti-competitive App Store practices.
    • Sweeney sees the EU ruling as relevant to Epic Games’ legal battle with Apple in the U.S.
    • Spotify CEO Daniel Ek shares concerns about Apple’s compliance with regulations.

    Epic Games CEO, Tim Sweeney, who often criticizes Apple, commented on the European Commission’s decision to fine Apple €1.84 billion for unfair practices.

    Sweeney likened Apple’s response to “denial” and criticized their historical approach to app developers, saying it was more cooperative before becoming dominant.

    He highlighted how Apple’s App Store initially helped sell iPhones by offering popular apps but later focused on making money through in-app purchases.

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    Apple’s strict rules, especially concerning in-app purchases, have been a point of contention for developers like Epic Games, which wanted to distribute Fortnite on iOS without going through the App Store.

    While Epic Games won some battles against Apple, the court mostly ruled in Apple’s favor, allowing only limited exceptions for developers to redirect users to external payment options.

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    Sweeney sees parallels between the EU’s decision and Epic Games’ ongoing legal battle with Apple in the U.S. He believes the EU’s ruling highlights Apple’s wrongdoing, which could impact their case in the U.S.

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    He also shared concerns raised by Spotify‘s CEO, Daniel Ek, who sees Apple as adept at circumventing regulations.

    Sweeney and other critics view the EU’s fine as a significant blow to Apple, not just financially but also in terms of its reputation and regulatory scrutiny.

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