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    George Galloway Return to Parliament After By-Election Victory!

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    • George Galloway aims to unseat Labour’s deputy leader Angela Rayner from her constituency.
    • He won a recent by-election, emphasizing his win was “for Gaza” and targeting areas with large Muslim populations.
    • Galloway’s return to Parliament stirs controversy due to his past statements and positions on international issues, raising concerns among various groups.

    George Galloway, the leader of the Workers Party of Britain, is on a mission to unseat the Labour’s deputy leader, Angela Rayner, from her Ashton-under-Lyne constituency.

    In his recent by-election victory, he expressed confidence that his party could overturn Rayner’s majority in the next election, targeting areas with significant Muslim populations.

    Galloway, who was expelled from the Labour Party in 2003 due to his views on the Iraq war, emphasized that his win was “for Gaza.”

    In his swearing-in ceremony as a Member of Parliament (MP), the 69-year-old outlined local priorities and expressed his intention to address the situation in Gaza during his first speech in Parliament.

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    Responding to questions about the terrorist group Hamas, Galloway criticized the imperial condescension of the query and questioned whether the UK or the BBC should run Gaza instead.

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    While stating he wouldn’t have voted for Hamas, he acknowledged that the people in Gaza had chosen the group, emphasizing that foreign interference in others’ affairs could lead to no good.

    When questioned about Israel, George Galloway recognized its existence but argued that no state had an inherent right to exist. He expressed support for the Oslo Agreement but highlighted that he was still awaiting the establishment of a Palestinian state.

    Despite a defensive note upon arriving at Westminster, where he mentioned his affection for the building but not necessarily for its occupants, Galloway remained determined to make his mark in Parliament.

    Conservative minister Bim Afolami acknowledged the need to endure Galloway’s presence in Parliament, attributing it to the Labour Party’s shortcomings.

    George Galloway’s victory in the by-election, prompted by the death of Labour MP Sir Tony Lloyd, saw mainstream parties relegated to third place, with independent candidate Dave Tully securing second place.

    Galloway, who previously served as an MP for Labour until 2003, won as an independent and Respect Party MP in various constituencies from 2003 to 2015.

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    Labor leader Keir Starmer attributed Galloway’s win in Rochdale to the party’s decision to withdraw support for its candidate due to alleged antisemitic remarks. Despite apologizing to voters for this move, Starmer defended it as the right decision.

    The Campaign Against Antisemitism expressed extreme concern over Galloway’s victory, citing his alleged record of baiting the Jewish community, including calling for Bradford to be declared an “Israel-free zone” during his time as an MP there.

    Prime Minister Rishi Sunak voiced his worry over reports of intimidation during the divisive campaign.

    George Galloway’s return to Parliament after his recent by-election win has stirred controversy and raised concerns about his past statements and positions on international issues.

    As he takes on his role as an MP, his focus on Gaza and his intention to challenge Labour’s deputy leader indicate that he aims to play a significant and controversial role in British politics once again.

    The impact of his return and the dynamics within the political landscape will likely be closely monitored in the coming months.

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