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    “As The Crow Flies” Season 3 Summary & Ending Explained

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    Season 3 of “As the Crow Flies” showed us more about the tough times people in the media industry go through.

    It’s all about revenge, stress, ratings, and how everything can really mess up the lives of those in charge.

    Now, let’s see how the season ended up, what happened to the characters, and what might be coming up next for them.

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    The Reason Behind Muge’s Job Resignation

    In the ending of Season 3 of “As the Crow Flies,” Muge finally lands her dream job as the show’s anchor, alongside Kenan.

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    It was Gul’s decision to give her the role because she knew how much Muge wanted it and believed she would work hard for it.

    As The Crow Flies
    Image Credits: Netflix

    However, once Muge starts, she realizes the job is tough and stressful. Every day, they have to worry about ratings and changing people’s opinions if they’re not good. Muge starts feeling overwhelmed and blames Kenan for her anxiety.

    Things get worse when Muge starts losing her hair due to stress. This makes her feel even more insecure and unhappy. Eventually, she realizes that the job isn’t worth sacrificing her health and happiness.

    Even though being the show’s host was her dream, she understands that life is about more than just work. So, despite the disappointment, Muge decides to leave the job behind for good.

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    What Went Down Between Lale and Kenan?

    Lale and Kenan finally crossed paths when Gul invited Lale to share her expert opinion on her show. When they met, they both opened up and shared their feelings. Kenan confessed his love for Lale, while Lale admitted that she had always sought his approval.

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    Kenan interpreted Lale’s words as implying they were in a toxic relationship, but Lale meant something different. She cherished Kenan deeply and just wanted him to understand her point of view.

    Despite the challenges they faced, she believed they could overcome them together. Kenan was Lale’s biggest supporter, and in the end of “As the Crow Flies,” he showed up to pick her up from the university where she was lecturing.

    I think in the following seasons, Lale will give Kenan another chance, and they will reconcile.

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    How Guliz Uncovered Yusuf’s Secret Affair?

    Once Asli reconnected with the Mon5 network, things got complicated for Yusuf. He’d always had feelings for Asli, but he ended up dating Guliz on the rebound without realizing it. Yusuf and Asli started a secret relationship, keeping it hidden from Guliz.

    Although Guliz suspected Yusuf was seeing someone else, she didn’t know for sure until she noticed a string tied to Asli’s hair, a string that came from the watch she’d given Yusuf. This revelation devastated Guliz, and she took legal action against both Asli and Yusuf.

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    Facing Guliz’s wrath, Asli’s lawyers advised her to settle the matter by paying whatever Guliz demanded. Asli had to sell everything she had and return to her hometown to escape the chaos.

    Before leaving, she urged Yusuf to apologize to Guliz and save himself. But Yusuf, being stubborn, refused to apologize. Instead, he left the media industry and found a regular job, unwilling to confront the mess he’d caused.

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    Ending of ‘As The Crow Flies’ Season 3

    Yusuf got advice from Lale to follow his heart and do what felt right. So, he didn’t apologize to Guliz.

    Later, Lale found out that Asli went back to her hometown, so she went to see her. They had a talk that hinted there might be more to their story, and it seemed like there could be another season.

    Lale encouraged Asli not to hide and said they should keep fighting together. It’s possible that Gul, Lale, Kenan, and Asli might work on a new show, and maybe even Yusuf will join them. We’ll have to wait and see if they can solve their problems and what happens next for them.

    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

    What Triggered Muge’s Decision To Resign From Her Dream Job As The Show’s Anchor?

    Muge’s resignation stemmed from mounting stress and health concerns, leading her to prioritize her well-being over her career aspirations.

    How Did Lale And Kenan’s Relationship Evolve Throughout Season 3?

    Lale and Kenan’s relationship saw ups and downs, with moments of reconciliation and mutual understanding, hinting at the possibility of a renewed connection in the future.

    What Led To The Reveal Of Yusuf’s Secret Affair With Asli And Its aftermath?

    Yusuf’s hidden relationship with Asli was exposed when Guliz discovered evidence of their connection, resulting in legal complications and personal fallout for all involved parties.

    What Pivotal Moment Marked The Culmination Of Lale And Asli’s Storyline In The Season Finale?

    The season finale showcased a significant conversation between Lale and Asli, suggesting unresolved issues and potential collaborations, leaving viewers eager for the next chapter.

    How Did Muge’s Departure Impact the Dynamics Of The Show’s Team?

    Muge’s departure left a void in the team dynamics, highlighting the challenges and pressures faced by individuals in the media industry.

    What Insights Did Lale Offer Yusuf Regarding His Decision-Making Process In The Finale?

    Lale advised Yusuf to listen to his instincts and prioritize authenticity, signaling a potential shift in his approach to resolving conflicts and navigating relationships.

    What Hints Were Dropped About The Future Trajectory Of The Main Characters In The Closing Scenes Of Season 3?

    The closing scenes teased potential collaborations and personal growth for the main characters, setting the stage for new challenges and opportunities in future seasons.

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