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    Who Is Zaria Simone? Facts to Know About the Pretty Little Liars: Summer School Actress

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    Zaria Simone, often known simply as Zaria, has been creating history in the entertainment industry, especially with her recent role in Max’s Pretty Little Liars: Summer School.

    She plays Faran Bryant, a high-school ballerina dealing with racism, in this spin-off set in the popular Pretty Little Liars universe.

    Here are five facts you should know about this talented actress.

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    #1 Zaria’s Long-Standing Acting Career

    Despite being only 28 years old, Zaria has an impressive acting resume. Born on April 25, 1996, she started acting professionally in 2019 but has been passionate about it since childhood.

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    Zaria made appearances in hit shows like ABC’s Black-ish and Freevee’s Bosch: Legacy. She revealed in an interview with Voyage LA that her love for acting began in 5th grade and grew stronger through high school, where she participated in numerous acting competitions.

    Her big break came with the children’s show The Super Pops, where she played Power Pop.

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    #2 Her Love for Los Angeles

    As a native Californian, Zaria has a deep affection for Los Angeles. She loves everything about her hometown, except for the infamous traffic.

    In an August 2020 interview with Voyage LA, she expressed how much she appreciates the city’s beautiful weather, the creative community, and her work is based there.

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    #3 Zaria the Poet

    Besides acting, Zaria is also a poet. She writes poetry regularly and even published a book titled “We Got A Lot To Be Mad About” in August 2020.

    This collection of poems addresses the civil rights movement of 2020 and captures the emotions and experiences of a young Black woman in America during that tumultuous time.

    She described this project as a “labor of love” and shared her excitement about people engaging with her poetry, whether reading her book or using her merchandise.

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    #4 Her Proudest Role

    Zaria’s role in The Super Pops remains one of her proudest achievements. Playing Power Pop allowed her to be a role model for children, especially young Black girls.

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    She fondly remembers the impact Raven Symone had on her as a child and feels honored to provide a similar representation for a new generation.

    In her 2020 interview with Voyage, she emphasized the importance of her character and the positive influence it has had on her fans.

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    #5 Advocating for Women’s Rights in Hollywood

    Zaria is outspoken about the challenges she has faced as a woman in the entertainment industry.

    She has experienced sexual harassment and pay discrimination based on her race. She uses her platform to shed light on these issues, hoping to bring about change and support other women facing similar struggles.

    How to Follow Zaria Online?

    Fans can stay updated with Zaria on social media. She is active on Instagram and YouTube, where she shares glimpses of her life and career.

    Pretty Little Liars: Summer School is currently streaming on Max, and Zaria Simone’s portrayal of Faran Bryant is not to be missed.

    With her extensive background in acting, love for poetry, and dedication to advocating for equality, Zaria is a rising star worth following.

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