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    Who Is Austin Victoria? Interesting Facts About Selling the OC Star

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    Austin Victoria is quickly becoming a famous name, thanks to his role on Netflix’s hit reality show, Selling the OC.

    But there’s more to this charming real estate agent than meets the eye!

    Here’s a complete information about Austin’s life, revealing the family man, adrenaline junkie, and former model behind the luxurious listings.

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    Welcoming Baby Boy and Balancing Family Life

    When Austin isn’t negotiating great deals in sunny Orange County, he’s busy being a super dad to his three children.

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    The California native recently welcomed his son, Aeson Quade, with his wife Lisa in April 2024.

    Austin Victoria
    Austin Victoria

    Aeson joins his four-year-old twin daughters, Hazel and Luna, making the Victoria household a whirlwind of love and laughter.

    Austin is incredibly proud of his wife for her natural childbirth experience, calling her a “superwoman.”

    He balances work and being a dad, ensuring his family feels loved and supported.

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    A Love Story That Began Before the Cameras Rolled

    Unlike some of his Selling the OC co-stars, Austin’s love life is a picture of stability.

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    Austin Victoria
    Austin Victoria

    He’s been happily married to his wife Lisa since 2018. Their love story began in 2017, and they quickly built a beautiful family together.

    You won’t find any dramatic relationship woes with Austin – his focus is on his wife and kids, and it shows!

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    From Armani Exchange to the Oppenheim Group

    Before Austin was closing multi-million dollar deals, he was turning heads on a different kind of stage – the runway!

    Believe it or not, this charming realtor used to be a successful model. He started his career at the young age of 16, gracing campaigns for brands like Armani Exchange and American Eagle.

    Austin Victoria
    Austin Victoria

    Some fans might even recognize him from the cover of L.J. Shen’s popular romance novel, Pretty Reckless.

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    Modeling wasn’t just about the glitz and glam for Austin. It was a chance to break free from his small-town California roots.

    In an interview, he described his hometown as a “bubble,” and modeling offered him the freedom and adventure he craved.

    The experience also broadened his horizons, making him a more open-minded person (and yes, even a vegetarian!).

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    The Outdoor Enthusiast Who Loves Pushing Limits

    When Austin isn’t working or spending time with his family, you’ll likely find him outdoors.

    Austin Victoria
    Austin Victoria

    This realtor loves thrills, always chasing the next adventure. Rock climbing, hiking, and skydiving are just a few of his favorite pastimes.

    He believes his active lifestyle keeps him physically and mentally strong, which definitely comes in handy during those high-pressure negotiations.

    Who Does Austin Want to Meet?

    Living in Orange County means rubbing shoulders with celebrities, but there are a few A-listers who remain on Austin’s bucket list.

    Topping that list is none other than Leonardo DiCaprio.

    What makes Leo so special?

    According to Austin, it’s DiCaprio’s dedication to environmental causes. He admires people who are wealthy but use their platform to make a positive impact on the planet. Maybe one day we’ll see a picture of Austin and Leo discussing sustainable real estate practices – now that would be a dream come true!

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    Following Austin’s Journey

    Even before Selling the OC hit the small screen, Austin had a loyal social media following. With over 110,000 Instagram followers, he offers fans a glimpse into his world.

    You’ll see behind-the-scenes snippets from the show, adorable family moments, and of course, stunning photos of his latest listings.

    Want to keep up with Austin’s adventures? Follow him on Instagram (@austin_victoria) and see the real person behind the multi-million dollar deals.

    Austin Victoria is more than just a reality TV star. He’s a devoted husband, a dedicated father, and an adventurous soul who brings a unique perspective to the world of luxury real estate.

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