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    “Honeymoonish” Film Summary & Ending Explained

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    In the movie “Honeymoonish,” Noor and Hamad, who are totally different from each other, figure out their differences only after tying the knot (Marriage).

    This rom-com drama from Kuwait tells the story of two strangers who end up getting married not because of love, but because they feel they have to.

    Noor was heartbroken when she discovered that her boyfriend, Youssef, had married his cousin. It hit her like a bolt from the blue, and moving on from him felt like an impossible task.

    She was filled with thoughts of revenge, and what better way to get back at Youssef than by getting hitched in just a week?

    Noor was determined, but finding the right groom was a big challenge. However, luck smiled upon her, and she crossed paths with a man who was just as desperate to tie the knot.

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    What Made Hamad So Eager to Tie the Knot?

    Hamad Saleh never imagined tying the knot when he geared up to represent a German company in the local market.

    He was all into sealing the deal, putting his heart and soul into it. But bam! His dad, the big boss of the company, halted the project.

    Shocking, right? So, basically, Hamad’s dad said he had to get married and have a kid to get any support for his business or inheritance.

    Image Credits: Netflix/MVSRS

    Hamad needed to find a bride real quick! Luckily, he met Noor, who surprisingly didn’t mind his dad’s crazy deadline.

    When they met, it was all a charade. Noor acted all shy and simple, trying to impress.

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    Meanwhile, Hamad went all out, party animal mode, taking cues from his friend Wael. They weren’t each other’s cup of tea, but hey, desperate times call for desperate measures. So, they went with it, against their better judgment.

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    Why Did Hamad Start Keeping Away From Noor?

    Noor and Hamad went to Lebanon after getting married to each other and guess what? Youssef, along with his wife, was honeymooning there too.

    Noor wanted Youssef to see what he missed out on, so she picked the same hotels he stayed in on purpose.

    While Noor was trying to plan their first night together, Hamad got some shocking news from his aunt.

    She dropped a secret: Noor might be his sister, not by blood but because she was super close to Hamad’s mom when she was a baby.

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    See, Hamad’s mom used to babysit her a lot. But since his mom passed away, the only way to know for sure was by asking the neighbor.

    Until then, Hamad had to keep it hush-hush from Noor.

    So, you can imagine, after that call, Hamad wasn’t keen on getting cozy with Noor, and Noor herself felt it was better to keep some distance.

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    Did The Couple Connect During Their Honeymoon?

    Hamad slowly realized Noor wasn’t as shy as she acted. One time at a club, guys tried hitting on her, but Noor was the one who kicked them out.

    Hamad liked her strong side, but they still argued over small stuff, making them wonder if they were a good match.

    Noor kept thinking about finding Youssef and showing off her new life to him, which bothered Hamad.

    Even though they had fun doing things Hamad planned, Noor couldn’t let go of her revenge idea. Hamad also kept his distance until he knew Noor wasn’t his sister.

    Image Credits: Netflix/MVSRS

    Sometimes, Hamad found Noor cute, and she liked how sensitive he was, but they both had too much going on in their heads to focus on romance.

    On their hiking adventure, the couple had a heart-to-heart chat. They talked about stuff that made them feel all mushy inside, realizing they liked each other a lot.

    That day, Hamad got a call from his aunt, and she told him something super important.

    She said Noor wasn’t actually his sister! Hamad couldn’t believe his luck; he was so happy!

    He thought, “Now’s my chance to get closer to Noor.” But when he got back to their room, Noor was already snoring away, fast asleep.

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    Youssef Confessed His Feelings to Noor

    While Hamad was trying hard to make their marriage work, Noor got upset when she found out that Youssef had moved to a resort near the sea.

    She wanted them to move there too, and Hamad agreed without knowing much about it.

    When they reached the resort, they bumped into Youssef and Aisha.

    Noor and Aisha used to be close friends in childhood, but Aisha didn’t know about Youssef and Noor’s past.

    Aisha invited them for her birthday dinner, and Noor happily accepted.

    During the dinner, when Hamad left to take a business call, Noor and Youssef finally had a chance to talk.

    Youssef confessed that he still loved Noor and only married his cousin because his dad made him.

    Noor didn’t know if she could trust Youssef anymore, but she still wore the pendant he gave her.

    Youssef thought this meant she still loved him secretly, and he believed it more when she tried hard to get his attention.

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    Did Noor Love Hamad?

    Hamad and Noor’s love story had a twist that kept everyone guessing. Noor, feeling guilty about breaking Hamad’s trust over a pendant, didn’t know Hamad had secrets too.

    She thought she messed up by always thinking about her ex, Youssef, instead of focusing on her marriage with Hamad.

    Noor realized she hadn’t properly dealt with her breakup, and it affected her relationship with Hamad.

    Instead of giving herself time to heal, Noor tried to be strong, but it made things worse.

    Meanwhile, Hamad’s aunt hinted that Noor might not be his sister after all. To avoid any intimacy with Noor, Hamad spent a night at the beach.

    Image Credits: Netflix/MVSRS

    The next day, Noor suggested a romantic outing, but Hamad, fearing the worst, joined Youssef and his wife on a yacht trip.

    During the trip, Noor fell into the water, and Hamad saved her, while Youssef just laughed. Noor realized she made the right choice by marrying Hamad instead of waiting for Youssef.

    She decided to focus on her marriage and let go of her past by getting rid of the pendant. When Youssef wanted to get back together, Noor refused, saying she was happier with Hamad.

    In the end, Hamad’s aunt confirmed that Noor wasn’t his sister. They celebrated by dancing all night at a party, finally enjoying their honeymoonish ending.

    Why Did Noor and Hamad Get Divorced?

    Noor and Hamad’s divorce happened because things got messy between them. It all started when Youssef, trying to win over Noor, met her again.

    But Noor reminded him they were both married and should forget the past. She was happy with Hamad and didn’t want any trouble.

    But then Aisha, seeing them together, thought the worst. She knew about Noor and Youssef’s past from friends and confronted Noor, shaming her in front of Hamad.

    At the end of “Honeymoonish,” Noor finds out why Hamad married her. It was because of something he was hiding.

    Amal thought Noor deserved to know, that Hamad wasn’t innocent either. When Hamad confronted Noor about Youssef, she accused him of having a hidden agenda in marrying her.

    Their argument turned nasty, and Noor dared him to divorce her, which he did.

    That was the end of their marriage, but being apart made them realize they had fallen in love during their honeymoon.

    Noor and Hamad Were They Back Together After All the Drama?

    Hamad’s dad got super involved after Hamad’s first marriage didn’t work out. He set up Hamad’s marriage with his cousin Maryam, and only then would he let Hamad sign his contract with the German company.

    Hamad felt stuck, but deep down, he still missed Noor a lot. Noor was totally shattered after their breakup. Everything reminded her of Hamad. Youssef kept trying his luck with her, but she wasn’t interested.

    Wael and Amal helped Hamad realize he was still head over heels for Noor. Even though he couldn’t stop thinking about her, he couldn’t shake off how much she hurt him during their honeymoon when he found out she was trying to impress Youssef.

    Hamad thought maybe Noor and Youssef had patched things up after their divorce. But turns out, that Noor said no to Youssef. Amal spilled the beans that Noor missed Hamad terribly and was miserable without him.

    Image Credits: Netflix/MVSRS

    Hamad had to tie the knot in just two days, and Noor decided to move to Beirut after Aisha blabbed about her personal life.

    Right before his wedding, Hamad found out Maryam had a secret lover too, and she was only marrying him for her family’s sake.

    Hamad and Maryam decided not to get married because they wanted to be with their true loves. Hamad went all the way to Beirut to tell Noor how much he loved her. Noor was surprised to see Hamad at her hotel; she thought he was there for his wedding.

    But inside, she secretly hoped it was for her. Hamad told Noor how sad he was when they split, and he realized she meant everything to him.

    He felt alive only when he was with her and didn’t want to lose her. He asked Noor to marry him, and she said yes, but she had some rules: no more lies and always put the toilet seat down. Hamad agreed to everything, just to be with her.

    They were still in love at the end of “Honeymoonish,” and Noor was going to have a baby.

    This showed that Hamad didn’t let his father down, even though he didn’t marry the woman his father wanted. He started a family with Noor instead.

    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

    Why Did Noor and Hamad Decide to Get Married?

    Noor and Hamad decided to get married because they both felt pressured to do so, with Noor seeking revenge on her ex-boyfriend and Hamad needing to fulfill his father’s ultimatum.

    What Prompted Hamad’s Sudden Decision to Propose to Noor?

    Hamad realized his deep feelings for Noor and couldn’t bear the thought of losing her. He proposed to her to ensure they could be together and start a family.

    How Did Noor React to Hamad’s Marriage Proposal?

    Noor was surprised but hopeful when Hamad proposed to her. She agreed to marry him under the condition that they would be honest with each other and that Hamad would always remember to put the toilet seat down.

    Did Noor and Hamad’s Marriage Have Any Conditions?

    Yes, Noor laid down a few conditions before agreeing to marry Hamad. These included a commitment to honesty and a request for Hamad to always put the toilet seat down.

    What Significance Did Noor’s Pregnancy Hold for Hamad?

    Noor’s pregnancy confirmed to Hamad that he hadn’t disappointed his father and had fulfilled his end of the bargain by starting a family, albeit not with the woman his father had chosen.

    Why Did Noor and Hamad’s Marriage Encounter Challenges?

    Noor and Hamad faced challenges in their marriage due to their differing personalities and the lingering presence of their past relationships, particularly with Youssef in Noor’s case.

    How Did Noor’s Past Relationship with Youssef Affect Her Marriage with Hamad?

    Noor’s unresolved feelings for Youssef and her desire for revenge affected her relationship with Hamad, causing tension and distrust between them.

    What Role Did Hamad’s Aunt Play in Their Relationship?

    Hamad’s aunt played a significant role in their relationship by revealing important information about Noor’s background, which ultimately helped Hamad make decisions about their future.

    How Did Noor and Hamad’s Relationship Evolve During Their Honeymoon?

    During their honeymoon, Noor and Hamad’s relationship evolved as they discovered more about each other’s true selves and gradually developed deeper feelings for each other.

    Did Noor and Hamad End Up Together?

    Yes, Noor and Hamad ended up together, overcoming obstacles and reaffirming their love for each other, leading to a happy ending where they were expecting a baby.

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