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    Election Results: Assembly District 36 Election Sees Tight Competition

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    • Assembly District 36 in California is seeing a tight race to replace longtime Democratic Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia.
    • Republican Jeff Gonzalez leads the primary with 32.7% of the votes, followed by several Democratic candidates.
    • Despite more registered Democrats, both parties are competing fiercely for the seat, with the top two candidates advancing to the November general election.

    In the race to represent Assembly District 36 in California, there’s a lot of action happening!

    A lot of people are running to fill the seat left empty by Eduardo Garcia, a Democrat who decided not to run again.

    Right now, it looks like Jeff Gonzalez, a Republican, is in the lead, with around 32.7% of the votes. But it’s not over yet because there are still more votes to count.

    Among the Democrats, Jose “Joey” Acuña Jr. is in second place, followed closely by Edgard Garcia.

    Overall, the Democrats are getting more votes than the Republicans.

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    This happened because Garcia, who has been in office since 2014, said he wanted to spend more time with his family and not participate in re-election. This left the door open for lots of people to try to take his place.

    Assembly District 36 includes places like Coachella, Indio, and other parts of the eastern Coachella Valley, along with some areas in Riverside County and even a bit of San Bernardino County. Yes, It’s a big area!

    In this primary, there are seven candidates in total: five Democrats and two Republicans. But only the top two candidates, no matter what party they’re from, will move on to the big election in November.

    Among the Democrats, there’s a mix of people from different backgrounds. Acuña has support from Garcia and other local officials.

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    Waymond Fermon, who was the first Black mayor of Indio, is also running.

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    And then there’s Tomas Oliva, who works for a congressman based in Imperial County.

    On the Republican side, there’s Jeff Gonzalez, a business owner with support from some big names in conservative politics. The other Republican is Kalin Morse, who works for a nonprofit.

    It’s interesting to see that even though there are more Democrats registered in the district, there are still a good number of Republicans and people who don’t belong to any party.

    The big election where the final winner will be decided is on November 5th. So there’s still a lot of campaigning and voting to go!

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