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    “The Asunta Case” Series Timeline Explained in Detail: What Happened to Asunta?

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    In Netflix’s “The Asunta Case,” viewers are taken on an interesting ride through the convoluted timeline of a real-life crime.

    At the heart of the story are Alfonso and Rosario, a Spanish couple accused of the shocking murder of their adopted daughter, Asunta Basterra (originally known as Fong Yang).

    The series explores about the complexities of their relationship, the revealing of dark secrets, and the tragic events leading up to Asunta’s untimely demise.

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    Early Beginnings

    The story starts in 2001 when Alfonso and Rosario go to China to bring home a nine-month-old baby named Fang Yong.

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    They lovingly welcome her into their family, residing in Doutor Teixeira, Galicia. However, beneath the surface, cracks start to appear.

    Struggles and Secrets

    Fast forward to 2009, Rosario’s battle with anxiety and mental instability takes a grim turn as she attempts suicide for the second time.

    The Asunta Case
    Image Credits: Netflix

    In 2012, she finds solace in an extramarital affair with Vicente Dozon, which lasts for one and a half tumultuous years.

    January 2013

    On January 6, Alfonso stumbles upon damning emails on Rosario’s laptop, revealing her affair with Vicente.

    This discovery shatters their relationship, setting off a chain of events leading to tragedy.

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    A Rift in the Marriage

    Two days later, on January 8, a confrontation between Alfonso and Rosario escalates, resulting in Alfonso leaving the family home.

    Shortly after, Alfonso moves out and initiates divorce proceedings, marking the official end of their marriage on February 14.

    A Mother’s Descent

    Rosario’s emotional turmoil deepens as Vicente rejects any notion of commitment, plunging her into despair.

    In June, she is hospitalized for her mental health struggles, only to be discharged and return home by July.

    Suspicious Incidents

    Throughout July, incidents involving Asunta come to light. A mysterious break-in at their home goes unreported, and Asunta’s alarming behavior at school raises red flags about the medication her parents are administering.

    The Tragic End

    On September 21, Rosario’s actions raise suspicion as she leaves with Asunta, only to report her missing later that evening.

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    The Asunta Case
    Image Credits: Netflix

    Asunta’s lifeless body is discovered the following day on a country road in Teo, sparking a harrowing investigation.

    Investigation and Trial

    In the aftermath of Asunta’s death, the police uncover disturbing evidence, including CCTV footage contradicting Rosario’s statements.

    Alfonso’s purchase of medication further implicates him in the crime, leading to their arrest and subsequent trial.

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    The Trial and Verdict

    The trial, which begins in October 2015, sees the couple facing charges of murder.

    Despite attempts to discredit evidence, the jury delivers a guilty verdict on October 30, sentencing both Rosario and Alfonso to 18 years in prison.

    Closure and Controversy

    The case concludes with the acceptance of the court’s judgment by higher authorities, bringing a sense of closure to the tragic saga.

    However, controversies surrounding media bias and judicial conduct linger, casting shadows over the proceedings.

    Reflections on a Tragedy

    As the dust settles, questions remain about the events leading to Asunta’s death and the roles played by those involved.

    The Asunta Case serves as a sobering reminder of the complexities of human relationships and the devastating consequences of betrayal and deception.

    The Asunta Case series changed some parts of real life to keep characters young. They condensed events for clarity.

    Police evidence is mostly true in the show, but Spanish media caused bias. Judge Malvar misrepresented, though reasons were unclear.

    In the timeline of The Asunta Case, we are confronted with the harsh realities of a family torn apart by secrets and lies.

    Through its portrayal of love, loss, and justice, the series invites viewers to contemplate the darker facets of human nature and the enduring quest for truth and redemption.

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