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    Parasyte: The Grey: Who Made These Creatures? Where Did They Come From?

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    To protect the environment, people believe it’s necessary to control the human population. The world is struggling to support the increasing number of people.

    In Netflix‘s show Parasyte: The Grey, some creatures invade human bodies and control them. These creatures were created to reduce the human population without wiping it out completely.

    We don’t know who created these creatures, but their goal is clear: To control human numbers by eliminating some of them.

    It’s like releasing helpful insects on a farm to control pests and protect crops. In this case, the ‘crops’ are the Earth and its resources.

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    Maybe the creators didn’t let the creatures reproduce because if they did, there would be too many of them compared to humans, and they could still harm the planet.

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    These creatures are weak, short-lived, and don’t have human-like traits. When they enter a human body, they try to learn and mimic human behavior.

    By the end of Parasyte: The Grey, it’s clear that both the Netflix series and the Japanese anime happened on the same Earth. But there’s a big time gap between the two disasters, almost 20 years.

    The first bunch of these creatures, called “Parasytes,” showed up on Earth back in the early 90s. Some folks think that the first wave might have been like a test in places like Tokyo or Hiroshima to see how these creatures would affect us humans. But what went down in South Korea was a full-blown invasion.

    The creator of these Parasytes seemed to want to control the world’s population. When Shinichi showed up at the end of Parasyte: The Grey, it was pretty clear he’d already sorted out the problem in his own country and was now in Korea to help Jun-kyung deal with the parasites.

    But as Jun-kyung mentioned in her briefing, these parasites were showing up everywhere around the globe. So, it looks like we’ve got a big problem on our hands that might need countries working together to fix.

    At first, people thought these parasites might be from outer space. But the beginning of the series suggests they were sent by someone on Earth who wanted to protect all living things in the future.

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    If that’s not the case, maybe they were sent by another group of humans who could see what was going to happen to humanity and wanted to help without directly getting involved.

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    One interesting thing is that when these parasites are young, their main goal is to control the human brain. But once they’re inside a human body, their plans start to change.

    Pastor Kwon was different from other parasites because he didn’t just want to eat humans; he wanted to control them.

    Ironically, his greed made him more human-like than the parasites themselves. This shows that even though the creators of the parasites attacked humanity, they might realize later on that their plan wasn’t perfect. They could lose sight of their original mission.

    We’ve already seen how protective parasites can be of their hosts, like Su-in and Shinichi. They’ll do anything to ensure their survival.

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    Now, think about survival in general. There are about 7 billion people on Earth, and most of them want to live, right? So, if you were in charge of deciding who lives and who dies, how would you choose? And why should you have that power? These questions don’t have clear answers; they just lead to more arguments. That’s why Thanos’ snap in the movies was left so uncertain.

    In the new season of Parasyte: The Grey, we’ll see parasites and humans living together. The show will explore this in detail. We might also learn about the creators of these creatures.

    They could either make things worse or help Su-in and Shinichi clean up the mess they made.

    Since mutants exist, there may be more people like Su-in and Shinichi. In the next season, we might meet these superhumans who team up to save humanity from the Parasyte invasion.

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