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    Marvel’s Kang: How Loki Season 3 Could Chart a New Course

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    • Marvel Studios grapples with Kang challenge after actor change
    • Loki Season 3 could resolve Kang’s storyline creatively
    • New directions for MCU with potential spin-offs and alliances

    Marvel Studios faces a challenge. Yes, You heard it right! They pinned their grand Multiverse Story on Kang the Conqueror, the charismatic villain portrayed by Jonathan Majors.

    But after Majors’ dismissal due to legal issues, the studio must navigate a new path forward. Here’s how Loki Season 3 might offer a solution.

    Marvel Studios placed Kang at the heart of their post-endgame plans.

    But with Major’s departure, they’re reassessing. Rumors suggest they might recast Kang or shift focus to other villains like Doctor Doom.

    Several threads are waiting to be resolved. The Council of Kangs, introduced in an Ant-Man 3 post-credits scene, promises a Multiverse-spanning conflict.

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    But each Kang Variant bears Major’s face, making recasting tricky.

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    The TVA’s Role

    The Time Variance Authority (TVA), introduced in Loki Season 1, hunts Kang Variants.

    This storyline could go deeper in Season 3, possibly tying into other projects like Deadpool & Wolverine.

    Ravonna, now in the Void with Alioth, holds potential for significant developments.

    Her encounter with the powerful entity might lead to unexpected alliances to stop the Kangs.

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    Ant-Man’s Warning

    Ant-Man 3 ended with Scott Lang’s fear of a looming threat hinted at by Kang.

    This sets the stage for future conflicts, possibly paving the way for Avengers: The Kang Dynasty.

    Marvel Studios initially didn’t plan Kang as the linchpin of their story.

    They pivoted after seeing the Majors’ performance. Now, with his departure, they’ve dropped “The Kang Dynasty” from Avengers 5’s title.

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    The Potential of Loki Season 3

    Loki Season 3 wasn’t originally on the cards, but it could offer a way to wrap up Kang’s storyline.

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    The show’s success and potential for further exploration make it an attractive option.

    Loki explored the Kang storyline deeply, making Season 3 a natural continuation.

    It could follow the TVA as they chase Kang Variants, gradually unraveling the mystery of the Council of Kangs.

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    New Directions

    While a Loki-centric resolution may not match an Avengers-level spectacle, it could provide closure while paving the way for new villains.

    Kang might still feature in future Avengers movies alongside foes like Doctor Doom.

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