"Be gay, do crime": 2024's box office embraces queer narratives with films like "Love Lies Bleeding" and "Drive-Away Dolls."

Kristen Stewart and Rose Glass lead the charge in the wave of genre movies eschewing queer trauma for empowering stories.

"Lesbians overload!" Kristen Stewart jokes as she discusses the simultaneous release of two gay films challenging Hollywood norms.

"Love Lies Bleeding" offers a gritty, erotic portrayal of a toxic romance, diverging from traditional lesbian period dramas.

Director Rose Glass prioritizes authenticity in intimate scenes, collaborating closely with actors for a visceral experience.

Inspired by cult classic "Showgirls," "Love Lies Bleeding" subverts the notion of a traditional female lead, embracing camp and dark humor.

Kristen Stewart's journey from "Twilight" to acclaimed roles culminates in her bold choices as an actress and her upcoming directorial debut.