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    “Immaculate” Film Summary & Ending Explained

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    In “Immaculate,” a spooky new horror movie, the story begins in an old Roman Catholic convent in the Italian countryside, where elderly nuns reside.

    Sister Cecilia, a young woman from the United States, leaves her normal life behind to join the convent. But her life takes a strange turn when she becomes the focus of a significant religious event.

    The movie keeps its eerie vibe from start to finish, making it a solid pick for horror fans.

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    What Is This Movies Is All About?

    Late one night, a young nun named Sister Marie is seen praying in front of an altar. She asks for forgiveness from the Holy Mary before setting her plan into motion.

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    Marie, determined to escape the strict convent where she lives, sneaks into a senior sister’s room and steals a bunch of keys.

    Running towards the main gate, she tries to find the right key but triggers alarms. Four hooded nuns apprehend her just as she’s about to escape.

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    Despite her injured leg, they bury her alive as punishment for her escape attempt.

    In Italy, a young woman named Cecilia decides to start a new life as a nun at a convent. She meets Isabelle, a sister her age, who seems unhappy about Cecilia’s arrival.

    Cecilia settles into her new room and befriends another young woman, Gwen, who is also becoming a nun. They become fast friends.

    Later, Cecilia meets Father Tedeschi, the priest who invited her to join the convent.

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    Cecilia had imagined her life at the convent to be just like she thought it would be. But something made her uneasy. The convent was like a home for older nuns who were close to passing away.

    Younger sisters like Cecilia had to look after them. Some of these old nuns scared Cecilia. Isabelle, another sister, always seemed unfriendly to her, which confused Cecilia. The scariest moment for Cecilia was on the night of her vows.

    After the celebrations ended and everyone went to bed, Cecilia heard crying and prayers coming from the main chapel.

    She went to see what was happening and found a nun lying there, praying with her face covered in a red cloth.

    Cecilia wakes up the next morning and tries to forget about the strange experience. Suddenly, her life changes a lot. She starts feeling signs of being pregnant. The Mother Superior enters and tells Cecilia something important.

    She reveals that the convent has a special religious item: a big nail believed to be used in Jesus Christ’s crucifixion. Just seeing it makes Cecilia feel dizzy, and she faints right away.

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    What Motivated Sister Cecilia to Join the Convent?

    Cecilia’s journey into the convent raised questions about why she made such a drastic move from the United States to Italy, under strict rules.

    Her only friend, Gwen, also wondered about this, assuming only desperate women became nuns. Gwen herself considered becoming a nun after escaping an abusive relationship.

    She found solace in the simplicity of convent life and was eventually recruited by Father Tedeschi.

    Unlike Gwen, Cecilia wasn’t driven by desperation. A childhood accident where she nearly drowned made her deeply religious.

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    She believed God spared her life for a reason and felt called to become a nun. After her local church closed, Father Tedeschi invited her to Italy, where she joined the convent.

    Gwen believed Tedeschi had an instinct for finding vulnerable women, but it was revealed he used a network to recruit them.

    Cecilia discovered she was specifically targeted by Tedeschi, who knew of her religious dedication.

    His true motive was to manipulate women into joining the convent, where escape was nearly impossible after taking vows.

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    Father Tedeschi’s True Scheme

    The story revolves around a convent in Italy and its mysterious events, especially concerning Father Tedeschi, the priest.

    Cecilia, a young woman in the convent, shows signs of pregnancy, leading to a series of tests conducted by Dr. Gallo. The tests confirm her pregnancy, despite her claims of never being intimate with a man.

    This revelation turns Cecilia into a revered figure in the convent, receiving attention and care from the nuns. However, Cecilia feels uneasy about the situation.

    Cecilia, not wanting to become a mother, plans to fake a miscarriage to escape the convent and receive proper medical care at a hospital. She stuffs a dead chicken inside her to simulate a miscarriage but is discovered by a sister. The discovery leads to Father Tedeschi being informed of Cecilia’s plan.

    Image Credits: NEON

    Despite her efforts to escape, Cecilia remains trapped in the convent, unsure of what her future holds.

    Before becoming a priest, the man was a scientist who studied genes and human DNA extensively. He’s known as Tedeschi. He found an ancient nail in a chapel, believed to have pierced Jesus’s hand.

    Tedeschi wanted to use this DNA to impregnate nuns and recreate Jesus. However, his experiments repeatedly failed, resulting in malformed fetuses and infant deaths.

    Finally, Tedeschi reveals his true intentions behind the convent’s unusual activities.

    Marie was the previous resident in Cecilia’s room, and she had left a secret note behind a painting on the wall, which was to alert anyone in her situation.

    It seems most likely that she had been impregnated via a syringe when she passed out on the night of her vows after being drugged through her drinks.

    However, in the case of Cecilia, the impregnation had worked greatly, and the embryo inside her body was growing healthily.

    The elderly nun who creeps Cecilia out also has crosses burned onto her feet, and the protagonist also now receives the same torturous symbols on her feet to mark that she is the chosen saint.

    This was all a plan of Tedeschi, and he had tried the same on numerous women before, including Sister Marie, which is why some of them still carry signs of the experiment.

    There was an entire group of nuns working, especially under the command of Tedeschi, and they were the ones wearing red clothes over their faces.

    They had carried out the whole operation, just like always, and it was also them who had killed Sister Marie at the beginning of Immaculate.

    The Fate of Isabella and Gwen in “Immaculate”

    In the convent, Isabella works as an assistant to the head sisters. She learns about Tedeschi’s experiments and wants to be impregnated with the genetically created embryo to play the role of the Virgin Mary.

    But when Cecilia is chosen instead, Isabella becomes furious with jealousy and tries to drown Cecilia. Guards quickly intervene and take Isabella away.

    Later, Isabella is seen jumping from the terrace, presumably to kill herself. Her body shows signs of severe injuries, indicating she may have been pushed or tortured by the nuns.

    Meanwhile, Gwen, another character, is upset that Cecilia isn’t taken to the hospital despite her pregnancy. She publicly speaks out against the authorities, which angers the religious figures. Gwen is captured and tortured by Tedeschi’s nuns.

    They cut off her tongue as punishment for defying the convent’s rules, and eventually, she is killed.

    Cecilia discovers Gwen’s dead body in the catacombs towards the end of the film, confirming her fate.

    The Ending

    In the end of “Immaculate,” Cecilia does something brave. She burns down Tedeschi’s lab and kills him. Then, she escapes through the catacombs.

    But, just as she’s fighting off the bad guys using religious items like a crucifix, something unexpected happens.

    Cecilia goes into labor! So, she’s both fighting and giving birth at the same time. When she finally makes it out, she has her baby.

    But, there’s a twist. We don’t see the baby, only hear it breathing. And from the sound, it’s clear the baby isn’t normal.

    The ending gets even darker. Cecilia, who never wanted this baby, decides to end its life by smashing it with a heavy rock.

    She knows that if the baby lived, it would be a constant reminder of the horrors she faced. Maybe the baby was deformed or even something supernatural.

    Cecilia can’t bear the thought of it suffering. Killing the baby is her first step in healing from the terrible things that happened at the convent.

    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

    What Is the Main Theme of “Immaculate”?

    The main theme of “Immaculate” revolves around manipulation, religious fanaticism, and the consequences of unchecked power. It explores how individuals can be exploited in the name of faith and the lengths some will go to fulfill their desires.

    Who Is Sister Cecilia and What Motivated Her to Join the Convent?

    Sister Cecilia is the protagonist of “Immaculate,” a young woman from the United States who joins an Italian convent. Her deep religious beliefs and a sense of purpose stemming from a childhood accident drove her to become a nun. Unlike some others, Cecilia’s decision to join the convent isn’t born out of desperation but rather a genuine desire to serve a higher calling.

    What Is Father Tedeschi’s True Scheme?

    Father Tedeschi, initially presented as a priest, is revealed to be a former scientist with sinister intentions. He aims to impregnate nuns with genetically engineered embryos, hoping to recreate Jesus. His experiments lead to grotesque outcomes, causing suffering and death. Tedeschi’s scheme exposes the dark side of religious fanaticism and the abuse of power.

    What Happens to Sister Marie in the Beginning of the Movie?

    Sister Marie attempts to escape the convent but is caught and buried alive as punishment. Her fate serves as a chilling introduction to the oppressive environment within the convent and sets the tone for the rest of the film.

    What Is the Significance of the Nail Found in the Chapel?

    The nail found in the chapel is believed to be one used in Jesus Christ’s crucifixion. Father Tedeschi sees it as a crucial element for his experiments, using its alleged DNA to impregnate nuns. The nail symbolizes manipulation and sacrilege, as Tedeschi perverts religious artifacts for his twisted purposes.

    What Role Do Isabella and Gwen Play in the Story?

    Isabella works as an assistant in the convent and becomes envious when Cecilia is chosen for Tedeschi’s experiment instead of her. Her jealousy drives her to violent acts, ultimately leading to her demise. Gwen, on the other hand, is a compassionate character who questions the injustices within the convent. Her defiance results in torture and ultimately her death, highlighting the consequences of speaking out against authority.

    How Does “Immaculate” End?

    The movie concludes with Cecilia’s daring escape from the convent, during which she gives birth to a mysterious and possibly supernatural baby. Unable to bear the thought of her child suffering, Cecilia chooses to end its life, symbolizing her first step towards healing and liberation from the horrors of the convent.

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