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    Cast of High Hopes 2024: Meet the Real People of “High Hopes” on Hulu

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    • “High Hopes” on Hulu explores the world of legalized marijuana through the lens of the MMD dispensary in Los Angeles, California.
    • The cast includes Mishka and Slava Ashbel, Jared Brady, Sumaiya Islam, Morgan Chanel Lee, Dani Martin, Freddie Miller, and Uriel Valenzuela.
    • Each cast member brings their unique experiences and perspectives to the series, offering viewers an intimate look into the complexities of operating a cannabis dispensary in a legalized market.

    High Hopes,” the latest Hulu series produced by late-night host Jimmy Kimmel, explores the vibrant world of legalized marijuana through the lens of the Medical Marijuana Dispensary (MMD) in Los Angeles, California.

    With its diverse cast of characters, each contributing their unique expertise and experiences, the show provides viewers with an intimate look into the inner workings of the cannabis industry.

    #1 Mishka Ashbel

    Mishka Ashbel
    Mishka Ashbel

    Instagram: @mishka.mmd

    As the co-owner and founder of the MMD dispensary, Mishka Ashbel plays an important role in the series.

    Viewers witness Mishka’s daily endeavors to manage the shop and explore the complexities of running a business in the cannabis market.

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    #2 Slava Ashbel

    Slava Ashbel
    Slava Ashbel

    Instagram: @slavammd

    Slava Ashbel, Mishka’s brother, and co-owner of MMD, Talks about the good and tough parts of running the shop.

    Together with Mishka, Slava offers a firsthand account of their journey in the cannabis industry.

    #3 Jared Brady

    Jared Brady
    Jared Brady

    Instagram: @enoyjaredbrady

    Jared Brady, renowned for his good looks, brings his charm and charisma to his role as a salesman at MMD.

    Despite his affable nature, Jared grapples with insecurities about his appearance, a vulnerability he candidly shares with his colleagues and followers.

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    #4 Sumaiya Islam

    Sumaiya Islam
    Sumaiya Islam

    Instagram: @sumi_boomin_mmd

    Sumaiya Islam not only works alongside Mishka at MMD but also shares a personal connection with him as his girlfriend and right-hand woman.

    Her dedication to the dispensary and passion for fitness are evident in her posts on Instagram.

    #5 Morgan Chanel Lee

    Morgan Chanel Lee
    Morgan Chanel Lee

    Instagram: @mo_lee25

    Morgan Chanel Lee, a manager at MMD, is celebrated for her invaluable contributions to the company.

    With her no-nonsense attitude and commitment to excellence, Morgan embodies the spirit of leadership and professionalism.

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    #6 Dani Martin

    Who Is Dani Martin?
    Dani Martin

    Instagram: @imdanimartin

    Dani Martin touted as the top seller at MMD, exudes confidence and independence.

    However, her outspoken nature often leads to conflicts with her coworkers, a dynamic explored throughout the series.

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    #7 Freddie Miller

    Freddie Miller
    Freddie Miller

    Instagram: @freddielynn91

    Freddie Miller, the newest addition to the MMD team, offers a fresh perspective on the cannabis industry.

    His enthusiasm for exploring different strains of marijuana is evident on his Instagram, where he shares glimpses of his journey in California.

    #8 Uriel Valenzuela

    Uriel Valenzuela
    Uriel Valenzuela

    Instagram: @snackdaddy_mmd

    Uriel Valenzuela brings a wealth of experience to his role as a security guard at MMD.

    Despite facing challenges, including accusations of arriving to work under the influence, Uriel remains dedicated to his job and the MMD family.

    With its compelling cast and engaging storytelling, “High Hopes” invites viewers to join the MMD team on their journey through the highs and lows of the cannabis industry.

    Follow their adventures on Hulu and stay connected with the cast on Instagram for exclusive behind-the-scenes content and updates.

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